Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Corner View & Haunted Humpday ~ Makeup

Since Wednesday's are both Corner Viewing & Haunted Humpday I decided to do a mash up of the two.

 They say the eyes are the window to the soul, I like mine to be framed with arches and cat eyed. Most days I'm just plain Jane, but when I wear makeup I feel an extra color boost to reflect whats inside . These are my "mystical green eyes", they captured my husbands heart at first sight. No need for me to wear a mood ring , they change with my mood shifts.

The perfect time for extreme makeup is Halloween! {E} was a Zombie last year. To whiten her face we used baking flour  and the gore was from my makeup box. I like to use what I have on hand, black eyeliner, dark eye shadow and red lip stain.

And of course a Zombie has to have horrific just clawed and crawled out off the grave nails. If you want to try your hand at it follow my post Zombie nail tutorial. Plenty other tutorials can be found on Pinterest, that's my go to for ideas.

Makeup is also used to make frightening creations. I used black nail polish for the lips and scars, and red polish for the eyes. Mascara was applied to the hair strands for dark highlights. Spiderella was created for a Haunted Doll blog challenge.

Hope you don't mind my mash up of the two postings. More corner viewing can be found @ FouriBorgo. Haunted Humpday delights can be found @Incipient Wings.  36 days until Halloween!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Merry Mabon

Merry meet all who visit today on this splendid Mabon Moonday.  The last minutes of Summer are dwindling down. I started of this day with magic, I saw a falling star during the drive to school, did anyone else see it? I spent a mass majority of the morning in the kitchen cleaning and re-arranging things. Here's my window that looks out into the back yard, a cloth was put up because the sun was so bright into the evening.

 Left over orange peels were sliced and dried in the sun for further use in potpourri and other practikal uses.

 {M} and I snacked on apples and talked about harvest and Autumn. I shared with him the star, he was amazed.

When we finally made it outside to play the sky gave us a perfect visual of Summer/Fall in unison.

As they sun was blazing I took some shadow selfies.

I love my witchy silhouette and my Mama curves with peace.

Today was a long day of clearing out the old and bringing in the freshness of something new. Are you ready for what the season holds for you?

Farewell my dear summer, shimmering down in a blaze of glory & memories.

Well the sign speaks for itself!


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Haunted Humpday ~ Skull

Last Sunday we braved the heat and went to Denio's Farmer Market, and that is where I stumbled upon my newest piece of arte de la cocina. The replica painting is that of Octovio Ocampo named Skull. I also have his "Forever Always" painting of the younger/older couple in my kitchen.

The kicker of all this is that I scored it for $ 5.00. Other booths were selling it for $30.00. The nice couple who sold it to me were very enthusiastic to sell it. I realized at night when all the lights were out why they must have needed to part with such art. Every time I walked into the kitchen the ominous white skull glows off the wall and that is all you see is a floating skull. {Squint a little and you will see} Must of scared the crap out of their little boy. As for my family, well we are fanatical about such things.

Happy Haunted Humpday..... 44 days until Halloween.

Grab your broomstick and head on over to Incipient Wings and devour more Haunted Humpday.

Corner View ~ Contrast

"Fire In Sky"

Sunsets are for me meditation and reflection at the end of the day. When a beautiful one such as this presents itself zen takes over. May your sunsets bring you such simple pleasures. Photo credit goes to my oldest son {S}.

Corner view is a Wednesday weekly appointment hosted by Francesca, where bloggers from around the globe share their view on a pre-arranged theme.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Corner View ~ Rock

These rocks form a side wall to a cove. I would have shown you a beautiful picture of the secret cove, but nudist bask there { yes even on a chilly grey day in the Bay } photo was taken at Baker Beach, San Francisco, C.A.

Haunted Humpday ~ Socks & Freak Sneak Peek

Ah yes we've found our way back to another Haunted Humpday. I thought I was ready to pack up all my summery wares and go full autumnal mode but my dear weatherman Cody Stark says otherwise. Here in the Sac Valley were looking at 95-99 degrees all week.  Not quite boot & gypsy skirt time yet. I did however recently pick up some Halloween inspired feet accessories.

Some classy skull & crossbones

What goes best with a candy corn dress? Jack o lantern knee highs of course!

How about these boots I got for $8.00 at the Goodwill last night. I couldn't help it, Goodwill officially stocked for Halloween on Sept.8th, and I had to peruse.

If your an American Horror Story fan series 4 premiers on Oct. 8th which happens to fall on Haunted Humpday, how perfect is that! Here's a sneak peak of "Freak Show"

~ Happy Haunted Humpday ~

P*S   I added Danny Elfman to my pandora list, Iv'e always loved Tim Burton movies and the music has a mystical halloween vibe.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Full Harvest Moon & Meanderings

Happy Moon day everyone. This morning I woke up to a chill floating through out the house, I did leave the windows open overnight because it was 97 degrees yesterday and we are without ac and my little homestead stays hot all day & night. The crisp freshness I awake to after dream time is really refreshing. My youngest daughter mentioned to me this morning on  the drive to school "your ready for fall Mom aren't you", maybe my attire gave it away.

The Full Harvest Moon is upon us and a Full Moon on a Monday is extra special. Enjoy this video from one of my favorite astrologers Dorothy Morgan to get some insight about how the Harvest Moon aspects effect our daily meanderings.

Today I'm using the full moons energy to start new challenges toward my health & fitness goals. Tone It Up  8 week #Frisky Fall challenge started today and hopefully I will stick with this, if you are doing this challenge also let me know. Tonight I will bask in the moons glow, set intentions, and have a fire in which I hope to receive knowledge to take into the season coming upon us. Do you practice Full Moon Magik?

May you walk in love and the light of the Moon bring your deepest desires to fruition.

Friday, September 5, 2014

{ This Moment }

This Moment } is a Friday ritual where a single photo with no words is captured 
from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment, to pause , savor, and remember. If your inspired to do the same visit SoulMama and leave a link to your "moment" for all to view and enjoy.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

What's Up Wednesday

Happy Humpday everyone. Sorry I don't have a Haunted Humpday post this week. My mind is in a swirl of emotion and focus is on other awakenings. I'm working on my sobriety again. I almost made it four months on my last attempt. I made my mind up to get back on the wagon yesterday September 2nd. So yay I'm on day two of sobriety from alcohol. An email this morning from Recovery 2.0 had a link in it to this website IN THE ROOMS, I joined this support site in hopes that a community of collective souls going through the same thing will be helpful.

Later this month, in association with Recovery 2.0 will be launching the 14 Days on The Wagon challenge. The initiative is a challenge to all people across the U.S. to go “on the wagon” from September 15-September 29 to bring awareness to what it means to live free of alcohol and recreational drugs, to create solidarity with people who struggle with addiction, to spotlight the addiction problem and also to inspire people to greater health and wellness in general.
{ excerpt of e-mail from Tommy Rosen}

{disclaimer: this is not my Groovy Ride, I have a habit of photo oping with one any chance I get. I believe I'm destined to own one, got a Volkswagen bus you need off your hands?}

May you all find inner peace and guidance along your journeys. Let's see where this caravan is headed and what adventures lay ahead.



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