Monday, September 8, 2014

Full Harvest Moon & Meanderings

Happy Moon day everyone. This morning I woke up to a chill floating through out the house, I did leave the windows open overnight because it was 97 degrees yesterday and we are without ac and my little homestead stays hot all day & night. The crisp freshness I awake to after dream time is really refreshing. My youngest daughter mentioned to me this morning on  the drive to school "your ready for fall Mom aren't you", maybe my attire gave it away.

The Full Harvest Moon is upon us and a Full Moon on a Monday is extra special. Enjoy this video from one of my favorite astrologers Dorothy Morgan to get some insight about how the Harvest Moon aspects effect our daily meanderings.

Today I'm using the full moons energy to start new challenges toward my health & fitness goals. Tone It Up  8 week #Frisky Fall challenge started today and hopefully I will stick with this, if you are doing this challenge also let me know. Tonight I will bask in the moons glow, set intentions, and have a fire in which I hope to receive knowledge to take into the season coming upon us. Do you practice Full Moon Magik?

May you walk in love and the light of the Moon bring your deepest desires to fruition.

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  1. Thank you so much for visiting and leaving a comment :) How cool your kids make boards! Hope you'll share your Full Moon Dreamboard when you make it... :)



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