Thursday, May 30, 2019

Days In The Garden ~ Buzz & Bloom

The garden is buzzing & blooming! This space is turning into a sanctuary and meditation zone for me as I care and water our truly organic food source. My thoughts tend to wander out here and the sun is not the only warmth I feel as gratitude sinks all the way to my bones. As I write this summer break has officially commenced at Celestial Pines Homestead, let the fun begin!

 We have a small cabbage patch which brings to mind my childhood in the 80's. I had a doll which was named after my Nonni Charlotte, unfortunately I no longer have neither.

 Pungent onion blooms bring about sweet nectar to the pollinators so I shall leave them to feed then drop for crop regeneration. ~ Texas Gold Onions ~
 Store bought potatoes with eyes dropped in dirt produce lovely plants. Having to hill them ever so often brings about laughter as "The hills have eyes"! I spy with my little eye two yellow spiders and a grasshopper.
 Busy busy buzzy bee. I love the hard work and dedication mother nature assist me in the care for this garden space we share. ~ Cucumber Bloom ~
 My first Straight 8 cucumber. There are many spiny tiny baby cucumbers emerging along the vines.
 Baby sugar pie pumpkin blooms. These are struggling along, everytime I see a small fruit ball forming it is quickly dropped the next day. I may need to plant a pumpkin patch elsewhere.
 Holy tomatillos , salsa verde anyone? These were grown from sliced fruit put into soil. The lanterns have tiny tomas growing inside.
 Up close of a 12 Spotted Skimmer blending into the landscape of natural habitat. Pinecones are removed from the garden beds daily due to the variety pines on the property.
Wild view of the garden. The Hubby weedeated on Monday and it looks alot better, but here's the untamed version. Excuse the ladder, the Hubby also put galvanized sheet metal on the storage roof.
Dear garden orb weaver your are "MAGNIFICENT", I thank you for keeping the plant eaters and munchers away. These spider are also found on or front windows and keep the mosquitos at bay. 


Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Days In The Garden - Growth

Welcome back to the garden ! A lot of growth has occurred in the time between post. I have been keeping busy  with everyday homelife and parenting here on Celestial Pines Homestead. The end of April in the garden is the start of plant blooms. I could hardly contain my excitement when early morning into the garden  blossoms greet me. The weather out here in the beginning of May has been insane, torrential rain, thunderstorms and tornadoes has been swiping through our local counties lately. Luckily for me the tornadoes have just been a warning and have not touch down physically here, but have been cycling around the area where my husband works lately. As for the torrential rain , well that means sometimes mother nature has taken care of the watering for the day or two. Here are a few greens currently growing.

Mesculan Lettuce

Baby Butter Leaf

Mixed bed with Lettuce-Onion-Cucumbers

Flower Starts & Sprouts


Pumpkin -Carrots -Squash

Misc Veggie Starts

In Pot Patio Tomatoes

Straight 8 Cucumber Blossom

Summer Squash Blossom

Honey Rock Cantaloupe

Texas Firewheel/ Indian Blanket

Tomatillo in Pots

Royalty Purple Pod Bean

Eggplant & Guardian

I hope you enjoyed the little garden update. So far we have had a few salads straight from garden to table. Tending to my garden is a form of meditation and urges me to go outside early before the heat and humidity take over. What growth and blooming is happening in your neck of the woods?

Friday, March 8, 2019

Seeds of Intention

I cannot contain my excitement for Springs return. A random trip to The Home Depot resulted in us bringing home garden building material and seeds. Back in Cali I would just drops seeds and plants willy nilly in hopes they would grow. Some success with that method was attained but now we are in a whole new environment all together. We went from being Northerners to Southerners. Moving  here to Texas  we are expanding on the true homesteading lifestyle . I've been studying via The Old Farmer's Almanac, homesteader videos on Youtube, which will eventually immerse me into homesteading blogs. Albeit slow we are educating ourselves and pacing the projects to start up. In actuality we have many builds and projects in  process. You would think we would finish one before we start another , but out here the rigidness of quick completion has changed. I can actually proclaim that I take life slower but more intentional...I heard a rumor that country life will do that to your soul, if you open up and let it in.
Not all are plants are started from seed packets. I'm experimenting with the method of slicing tomato's and tomatillo's , dropping them in soil and covering them up. When they sprout hopefully there will be a high yield that we can transplant into the garden.
I've purchased a variety of pepper seeds, but also wanted to see if this method would work for them as well. Many vegetables I bought from the store like, bokchoy, garlic, ginger, chives and potatoes with eyes, have been dispersed around outdoor in hopes of successful plantings.
February 20th I got down to the business of filling trays with soil, labeling plastic cutlery, and dropping seeds. The trays are currently in the laundry room because weather has been on the colder side. I leave the light on for them which seems to work because the sprouts are leaning to the sun through the window throughout the day then upright at night.
These potted plants have survived outdoors on my elevated potting table. There's a pineapple, random succulents and rosemary. Some seeds in pots unlabeled, if they sprout it will be a great surprise.
There are three bunches of Oregano planted in my little garden space outside the back of the house. The squirrels and birds habitat the forest but pretty much leave the ground herbs alone.
This lavender will need to be re potted soon. I cant wait to see what fragrant bloom this variety holds. I would love to have a mini lavender field. Soil and weather may have a determination in the success of that. Texas Hill Country is bountiful with lavender farms and festivals, and I would love to take a field trip and learn.
Here I have a little bit of  lemon balm.  I have also recently purchased three small pots of lemon balm which are big healthy plants that I'll combined together.

 Mint plant usually grows crazy but for some reason it just stays small in this potted space.  All these herbs have remained hardy during the last few nights of freeze we had . I really do need to study more to figure out how to grow in these conditions.
I love the fragrance smell of pineapples as I crush the sage between my fingers.  I think I'll experiment with adding it fresh sun tea made on the porch.
And we have sprouts! Being able to pick a whole salad from the garden to eat would be ideal. I started Mesculin Spicy Mix and Little Gem lettuce in the trays. I also have hydroponic artisan lettuce from the store.

These bean sprouts are Royalty Purple Pod Bush and I planted pinto beans from the store as well. I realize I have a lot of vining plants and will need to have trellis's , and arch full of flowers and greenery would be awesome.
A garlic clove from the store in potting mix. Last year I planted some outside but I think the pine needles mixed with sandy soil inhibited growth. Many containers and above ground boxes are necessary.
The garden fencing is almost done. The weather has been really cold and the Hubby has been working overtime so it will be completed soon. Excitement doesn't contain the sentiment for the feelings I already have for this garden and upcoming homestead adventures.

P.S. I took so long to compose this post that I will need to do an update post soon about what's growing on.


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