What's Growing On

April 28, 2017

{ Front Entrance }

As the sign implies welcome to the garden. I had posted previously about the construction and zoning of this green space which I hope will bring me closer to my sustainability goals. The last step to finishing the garden was the the introduction of plants. There is still a lot of additions to come but that will all come forth in do time. P.S. the Dollar Store has awesome garden accoutrements.

{ Side View }
From left to right we have a variety of bell peppers and red onions in the tub, big boy tomatoes in the first box and black cherry toms in the next. Sugar snap peas trellising up the fence in aqua pots and strawberries in the next row of boxes.

{ Salsa Garden }
I planted red onion bulbs in between all the plants in this area. Banana peppers and grande jalapenos are in the first tire, onions in the second, and cilantro in the third. Also two tomatoes plants are in aqua pots waiting for transfer.

{ The Dove Babies }
Speaking of growing on, Easter morning  the little doves flew the coop and explored the skies, while my little one was searching for eggs below. 


Side Note: I hope everyone is doing well, I haven't been up to date and visiting all you lovely blog friends lately, my life has hit turbulence again, but hopefully with this new moon regularity will be back on track. May the weekend bring you adventures and serenity.



April 06, 2017

" They hatched !"

Emergence is the process of becoming visible after being concealed.  We are having a combo of April showers bring May flowers melodrama both in the outside world and within. A beautiful few days at the coast were planned for the upcoming Spring break to finally relax and unwind, but it seems that may change as well thanks to mother nature and her mood. I have been wound so tight this last month I find some days I am gasping for air. The complexities of life keep flowing without hesitation and seem to have no breaking point. These energies are being felt by many and I know we are all going through our own stuff... but I need to vent a little.  So we keep on keeping on especially if we are the glue that holds it all together, even if we are at the point of being the little sticky nub that's about to fall out of  the gluestick. New life is emerging all around the homestead and I cant wait to break out of my shell as well.

Backyard Oasis

Jardin Sol Y Luna

March 30, 2017

Oh yes glorious spring has sprung. The birds , bees, and blooms are abundant at Casa Sol Y Luna. Morning chores include turning on the fountain and watching nature being drawn to the water. Next is filling the bird feeders, I go through a lot of seed bags. I've also been thinking about getting a bee box .
The rose bushes are abundant and taking shears to clip a few blooms brings me joy as I make bouquets for  indoors. The first available blooms happened to be on the first day of spring and I made a birthday arrangement for {E}. I'm still waiting for the red roses to bloom, the petals are the perfect ingredient to make the silkiest rose water.
 Dandelions are one of the first foods for things with wings coming out of hibernation. Once I know the Renaissance Man is going to mow I pluck away and dry them out for herbal remedies. Lavender is also loved by the bees and we have plenty. I plan on making lavender healing pillows with the dried flowers.
I haven't planted anything yet in the newly build garden area but have started some kitchen grown starter plants. The onion had sprouted on the counter and has grown significantly in the kitchen bay window, on Saturday it was separated and planted in the tire garden section. A few potatoes had grown eyes (yay non GMO) and I have two buckets of potatoes cuttings growing. My pineapple plant has adapted to the outdoors beautifully.
Phase 1
 In February when it wasn't raining I weeded and plowed the soil. In March I made boxes out of wood we had lying around.The Renaissance Man and {M} are measuring for the fencing, we never needed one before until we got Rico who loves to dig.
Phase 2
{L} helps with the fence construction and securing the door.
Phase 3
Soil is added to the boxes and red bark is added as a ground cover. 
Phase 4
I have yet to buy the plants to fill the boxes. Starting from seed is cheaper but I haven't had much luck when trying to garden with this method. How are your green thumb efforts growing?

Animal Rescue

Marching On

March 14, 2017

I apologize that as of late the blog is mostly photos with little words. My world is full of  projects and all other aspects of raising a family of varied ages and the drama that comes with it. We must march on because that's life. I hope everyone has a productive week and I'm sending out healing vibes to those that need it.

Backyard Oasis

In Bloom

March 03, 2017

Breaking news I believe Spring has officially arrived at Casa Sol y Luna. The fragrant bouquet of floral that wisp along the breeze with the birdsong is truly intoxicating. I truly feel alive again!

Sun is shining
 the weather is sweet
make you wanna move
your dancing feet

~ Bob Marley ~

Backyard Oasis

Playing Peek A Boo

February 28, 2017

The sun beckons us to come out of slumber and spread our wings from months of introspective hibernation in our shelters.

The plumage of our ancestral messenger displays a hope of blooms to come. So it is that February's chill is giving away to Spring.

2017 Flooding

As The River Rises

February 13, 2017

The weather this Sunday was splendid with sunshine and a hint of spring. We decided to take a family date to celebrate Valentines to our own downtown a.k.a. "Old Sacramento". Due to the constant rain the rivers are rising and creeping precariously close to history. The old city flooded out in 1850, 1852, and 1862 which lead to the whole town being elevated. As my feet absorb the cobblestone and my footsteps creak the planks I'm back to the Wild West and transcend into a bygone era. We discovered a bit of history along our excursion which I will share in future post. 


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