Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Haunted Humpday ~ Socks & Freak Sneak Peek

Ah yes we've found our way back to another Haunted Humpday. I thought I was ready to pack up all my summery wares and go full autumnal mode but my dear weatherman Cody Stark says otherwise. Here in the Sac Valley were looking at 95-99 degrees all week.  Not quite boot & gypsy skirt time yet. I did however recently pick up some Halloween inspired feet accessories.

Some classy skull & crossbones

What goes best with a candy corn dress? Jack o lantern knee highs of course!

How about these boots I got for $8.00 at the Goodwill last night. I couldn't help it, Goodwill officially stocked for Halloween on Sept.8th, and I had to peruse.

If your an American Horror Story fan series 4 premiers on Oct. 8th which happens to fall on Haunted Humpday, how perfect is that! Here's a sneak peak of "Freak Show"

~ Happy Haunted Humpday ~

P*S   I added Danny Elfman to my pandora list, Iv'e always loved Tim Burton movies and the music has a mystical halloween vibe.


  1. Lovely socks!

    Me and my man are hard core AHS fans and are so looking forward to the premiere (on my birthday :)).

  2. Great post!
    Love the socks and those boots!! Awesome!
    I love American horror story
    I only started watching it last season though... I couldn't help myself.. Witches!?! Perfect!
    It's darn hot here too, but the only thing to do is decorate for Halloween lol!!
    Thank you!
    Happy Haunted Humpday!



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