Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Shaking A Hand About Some Land

 This is literally how it went down, the honest emotional roller coaster almost train wreck of finding our stake to claim here in Texas. The devastation of hurricane Harvey has the market for Houston homes cheap...if your an investor, these homes are flooded and skeletons of once beautiful homes. Those who were lucky enough to move have headed up the hill which left the market where we're searching with here today, pending tomorrow. We got really desperate, all the homes were no longer available. Twice we started the process on homes in sub divisions with HOA fees and no land just because we got scared that this might be our last hope at attaining something. Stress was putting a damper not just on us but our family who graciously is letting us live with them. I was told to relax and rest assured that good things come to those who wait, there is a plan for everyone and patience is necessary as is faith.

The plan of action changed. A wise woman told us to switch our strategy and look for land and then a home for the land. An appointment was made to view a piece of property which turned out to be forest that needed clearing and there were no hook ups for a home. As we were contemplating the land a truck pulled up the driver said "Howdy" and we told him we were new  to town and looking for a home. He said the neighbor down the way mentioned he wanted to sell his home, turns out he wasn't ready but the guy pulling out his driveway asked if we were looking for land. Talk about the right place at the right time. We drove around the corner and were left to look at 2 acres of wooded land with hook ups and septic already in place. And down the slope and over the tall grass I spied a pond with a deck!                                                             

This was the space we have dreamt about, this is camping everyday scenery all outside our front door, yet there was no front door or any home to speak of on the property. The next step all went down in one day actually. It had snowed the night before so we had a beautiful scenic drive to the county office to purchase and get the deed for the land, it took  less than an hour and it was ours. The same day we looked at some possible home options to put on our land, found our first Texas fixer upper, purchased it and had accomplished the goal of owning home and land!  A humble little note, a month exactly to the day that we closed on our home sale in California our home arrived.

So the journey continues with new and exciting adventures on the horizon! Do not dare step back from your visions and dreams and for one moment think they are not a possibility, it's not always easy but when imagined bliss comes to fruition you know the true meaning of being blessed. Many blessings to you and yours during the holidays and every moment there is breath.

Monday, December 11, 2017

When It Rains It Snows

First holiday miracle, snow... in Texas! We were all huddled in the house keeping warm because it was freezing outside. I checked my phone to see what temperature it was and lo and behold there were snowflakes next to the temp on my app. With a quick dash like a child to see if it was true I ran outside and yelled, "It really is snowing!" we bundled up and awed at the flakes falling for about an hour. Snow flurried and floated all night until the next day. The following photos were taken at my sister in laws where we are staying.

And with the magic of some pre Christmas snow comes the next miracle!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Post Cards From Arizona

This post is a little late, but here are some photos from Arizona when we took our road trip to Texas. I thought of all you blogging friends who live out there as we were making our way across your beautiful state. I have some exciting news for y'all but must not count my chickens before they hatch.....stay tuned!

Thursday, November 30, 2017

And Still We Roam

As of right now we are in the woods and reception is spotty so I post when I can pick up a signal. We moved at a time when homes were available but because of Hurricane Harvey the ones in the hills are bought up quick and flooded homes are for sale cheap. And still we roam looking for a home. Many different options to plots of land , trailers , homes, subdivisions, hoa communities.

 We need to live wild and free, I sold my home and moved out of state for a better life. My son is also in Texas with me, so the whole tribe is back together. The kids are in their new schools and the Renaissance Man and I spend our days driving on the road looking for something to call our own. Time and patience is key.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The Road Trip - California

Here's a quick update for yall. We have been here in Texas for a week now and we are currently looking for a home in the heart of the country. I'm in unknown mode right now but found some time to update everyone. These shots were taken from inside the truck while we were driving along California I-5 . The kids were taking turns getting sick out the windows. A lot of craziness happened along the way which I may blog about later. One thing though, do not stop in Indio C.A.


 Angeles National Forest
 Fault Lines

 LA Cityscape

 Miller Lite Plant

Thursday, November 2, 2017

So Long October

2017 in general for me has not been very kind , but October...well that was a deluge of a shit storm. In a nutshell, my son moved in with my Dad earlier than expected, the grim reaper paid a visit to my friends and family x4, and this whole home selling with all the stress has my saying good riddance to a month I usually indulge in, hallelujah to the flip of the calendar page.. Lets take a moment of peace for all the stuff going on globally as well.

I didn't want to start this post on a downer but the reality of Holly will be more apparent from here on out, isn't this what blogging is about in it's true essence, being vulnerable and sharing with  the world and having support from across the globe in return? Seriously I appreciate our blogging tribe so much words are not available for the expression here.

. Now On To Casa Sol y Luna News .

The house echoes deeply with all the bins packed up. A time warp happens when I walk into the rooms, different essences of decades are present in this house which was built in 1946. I have a deep connection with this home, even though it has only been 9 years. We are on a little more than a week left here then early next Saturday morning we will be hitting the road onto our next chapter in Texas. I cry everyday because memories will just hit me out of nowhere, and it's hard to leave my son behind but I know it is for the best.

I'm also pretty excited to move to the country, our little homestead here was just a taste of what real homesteading is all about. Living off the land in a beautiful country/ farm setting has been our retirement dream and the fact this dream is coming to fruition excites and scares me all in one. I'm a type A control freak and I have no knowledge our control off what is on the horizon. This is going to be a crazy ride, but I'm bringing you all along with me. Oh how I'm going to miss California!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The Winds Of Change

{ Photo via the web }

 October sure has been a whirl wind so far. I yearn for the above image to escape to. This Mama needs to just sit and  let all the swirl settle in my heart {in a gentle kind warm fuzzy assurance}. So here is what has been going on at Casa Sol Y Luna. We put our house up for sale last Monday and last night we chose a buyer. Yes folks in one week! Once potential buyers hit the back door the yard spoke to many hearts. In early November the caravan will be rambling along to our next destination South East Texas. My wonderfully awesome sister in-law is letting us land there as we scout out our next home and transplant ourselves into our new Texas homestead.

 That my friends was the wonderful news, now for the stuff that pulls at my heart strings. We will be leaving my eldest son behind with the tribe elders to finish school and get together a life plan. Education laws very by state, and I'm blessed to even have the option for him to complete his senior year and graduate on time.  If we're amigas on Facebook you have some depth into what has been going on around here. So now onto Halloween bits.

 Truly sorry I haven't been making the rounds on the blogs and participating in all the ghoulish spooky events occurring. No decorating in the home going on either, but my boxes of hallow decor will go to my sister to use for her Halloween birthday party, who knows maybe she will ask me to help spook up the place. One last trick or treating around my old stomping grounds will occur before we head out to the new frontier. I'm a ball of happy-sad everyday but have been holding myself together pretty well lately and I'm actually surprised with strength I didn't know exsisted until recently.

I leave you with a Harvest Moon pic, may the magic of October continue to fill the air and our souls.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Maybe It's Time

Maybe it's time to stop sitting by idly wishing and dreaming for a better way of life. Do you daydream during your current realities of a far of place that you wish to be so present you can taste it and feel it in your bones? Then the planes roar overhead, the sirens scream by, and the dogs bark at the stranger strolling down your street....snap back into reality. There is plenty of talks whispered in the night while lying in bed of formulating a plot to get us out of the ghetto and into the next chapter of our life. The older we get the chapters seem to flow into the next more rapidly.

The time is now. Casa Sol y Luna has been our humble homestead for 9 years now and has been infused with blood, sweat, and a down pour of tears. Hopefully the next residents will feel the love that has turned a house into a home. This Gypsy is hitting the road with her tribe to stake our claim in the country. Maybe it's time to stop letting fear of the unknown overide the mystery of the journey that lies ahead.

Now at this time this can be viewed as a mission statement for we are at the very beginning of the transition that is to come. I haven't been visiting blogs and such because Iv'e been de-cluttering the house and yard. I'm letting go of what no longer serves us and will not benefit us to have in our new home. The next step is getting an appraisal to see what we can sell our home for. Where exactly the next homestead will be is unknown, but I'm hoping for a Farmhouse in Texas! Wish us luck y'all that this California dreamer turns far off thoughts into reality.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Shadow Play

"Looking at the sun through a plastic light bulb cover, eclipse phase to the left"

Last Monday was the epic solar eclipse of 2017.  The weather was actually nice with a little breeze in the air. {M} and I made a viewing station out of a cereal box, and multiple items that would cast a circle to view the phases. My other children were able to see the eclipse through glasses at their schools. If we're Facebook friends you may have seen the trippy recording from my phone. Our local radio station 96.9 The Eagle was playing a list of songs having to do with the sun, moon, and space exploration. I was hoping to get some great photos with the camera but the whole not being able to look at and focus on the sun made that impossible. I'll have to redeem myself when it comes to a lunar Eclipse. Blessings to you all as we enter a new week, may it treat us all well.

                     "Reach for the Moon and land among the Stars"                   

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Lavender Dreams and Summer Haze

Summer vacation has and hasn't ended in Casa Sol y Luna. The older three started school two weeks ago and {M} has another week of helping on the homestead and extending the summer fun with me. I'm going to miss his helping hands when he goes off to first grade. My oldest son is a senior this year with a possibility of graduating early and then joining the work force. {E} is in her freshman year of High School and {L} is in her first year of Jr High, and I'm back to being the Mom Taxi.

When I do find a little free time I have been getting into projects and crafting. I finally finished my " Oceanic Dreams" dreamcatcher. This project was created while I mourned the loss of a young man who was my son's friend. That alone was hard for my children to go through this summer. When a tragedy happens unexpected to someone close to their age it's an eye opening life moment.

Landscaping is done after the school drop offs. My lavender plants around the fountain have become overgrown and the sun had scorched the plant to a brittle bouquet. I see quite a few lavender smudge bundles in the making. We replaced them with baby lavender plants that will fill in the space by next spring.

 Driftwood came into play for the handles of these besoms. The first one is lavender stalk tied with a beautiful hue the color of English Lavender  flowers in bloom. The second besom is a combo of hummingbird sage, lavender, and dried roses. I've been called to use the natural elements that are gifted to me from mother earth  to make sacred tools that assist in healing. The Angel communication lines have opened immensely for me and I have my ears perked up and my eyes open to messages .

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Devil's Slide-San Mateo

Intrigue got the best of us as we were cruising Pacific Coast Highway 1 towards San Francisco. A  building on the hill, what could it be? After parking in the designated parking lot and a stroll down a paved walkway with the ocean waves lapping at the rocky cliffs as our view, we arrived at the foot of Devil's Slide Military Bunker hill. Climbing up to the vista is worth the exploration. The once World War II observation point is now a graffiti artist canvas. The view from the top is breathtaking on all sides and a guarantee to clear your head, salty sea mist is amazing for the body and soul. The drive through the tunnel takes us to the city were I always leave my heart💙

Side Notes:
                  . Park in the designated parking lot not on the side off the road, police will ticket               
                  . not recommended for toddlers, sharp drop off on all sides of the vista

                  .located between San Mateo & Pacifica

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Mid Summer Affairs

Today's affairs are full of house cleaning, baking, gardening, and spiritual crafting. I started off the morning realizing that the sun was later on its arrival than the past weeks.  A sunny yellow lemon cake was baked at 6:00 a.m. for a bite to eat after the children shook the sleep from their eyes. Gardening followed due to 106 degrees later in the day. I noticed butterflies are making a return to my yard as dandelions are sprouting. A lot of crops have stopped growing due to heat and the garden is in need of extreme TLC. Tomatoes were harvested and plants were given their morning bath. A Hummingbird played in the hose spray as I watered . Shells were washed and hummingbird sage was cut to create a sacred smudge bundle. The vibe of the day has been of complete domestic bliss infused with all of natures wonders dancing along with me, and then I realized it's Lammas and it all makes perfect sense.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Sipping On Truth Elixer

It has come to my attention by my  daughters that I do not keep it real on my blog. Everything you see is real but at an edited version of myself. It's that small girl wanting to be polite and lovely so people will like her. Seriously at 37 I still can't get over that nice Holly image I throw out there. Don't get me wrong I can be as sweet as pie when I want to. So I'm going to lay down some truths and it will reveal how real my blog will be from now on.

1.  I live in the Ghetto, it has been referred to as the deepest part of hell. Traveling to the coast is a great relief to get the family out of the hood and into a different scenery for awhile. My yard is nice but a few streets over are hookers, tweaks and lost teenagers trying to figure out life in all the wrong ways. My sons high school is straight out of Freedom Riders and Dangerous Minds. We would move if we could but money is the obstacle that holds us back.

2.  I cuss, even at my kids. Anger and  my over all chalingo has me saying some pretty colorful phrases that makes squeaky clean Moms break their necks in Walmart lines and shoot me the death stare  ( don't ever try to patronize a witch with you glare honeys you don't want me to look into yours). Bumping gangsta rap while dropping off kids at school is common. Tupac is my favorite poet.

3.  I'm a medical marijuana patient. Bipolar depression and  nerve damage due to TIA strokes has me finding holistic relief with CBD & THC. Now that is what I call reefer madness. I do get some shit about this from people but my kids are relieved that their Mom can have a drop of oil or an edible that will take me from wanting to no longer be on earth to being a compassionate functional parent. Worry not I am responsible with this and will suffer through the day with pain until I know I won't have to drive someone somewhere.

4.  Can you come out and play? Most time it's a no, I'm an introvert. I've missed out on many family functions and don't visit friends, but sometimes I just cannot go out of the house or be around people. Phone conversations are hard. In public I will not speak until spoken to and with my perky nose this has people thinking I'm stuck up!

5.  Oh the wrath that happens if you put the dishes away other than there designated spots or the towels aren't hung straight. That's right I have the affliction of O.C.D. The house is usually tidy and if I get an unexpected visitor this throws me into panic mode.

 So now you know Gypsy Spirit Rising isn't all sunshine and rainbows, and everyday is a struggle one way or another. I'm awakening in all aspects of my life and the rawness of what it's really like from my end of things is something that doesn't need to be tucked away and hidden as if it's an ugly shame. I'm unapologetic because my humanness is showing.

"Capturing Peace"

P.S. Sipping on truth elixer is a metaphor not a drinking reference, that is one demon I have been able to conquer.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Pigeon Point Lighthouse

Our third stop on the Pacific Coast Highway 1 roadtrip leads us to the tallest operating lighthouse on the West Coast, Pigeon Point Lighthouse in Pescadero, California. If your new to this roadtrip we started in Santa Cruz and stopped at Swanton Berry Farm before heading toward the bay area.
Even during the crisp morning hours this lighthouse beckoned us to stop and discover a piece of California's golden history along the jagged coast line. When visiting the West Coast wear layers.

 The lighthouse is currently closed for tours as fundraising efforts are underway for restoration, but there were still plenty of treasures to discover during our visit.

The glass enclosed room at the top of the tower housed a 16 foot tall Fresnel lens weighing in at two tons. The Fresnel lens was dismantled and reassembled in the Fog Signal building . An exterior automated beam still flashes at 10 second intervals.

 French designer Augustin Jean Fresnel handcrafted 1008 brass framed lenses and prisms that concentrate light up to 24 miles. This reminds me of the Wonkavator that shoots through the roof of the factory.

 A clockwork mechanism rotates the panels producing a light flash every 10 seconds. The light prisms are stacked vertically to form two dozen nine and a half tall panels on a circular frame. The docents on the grounds are really informative and have a way of taking you back into mariner history.

 Pigeon Point has a Hostel lodging option. Imagine sitting in a hot tub looking out at these coastal views. I wouldn't mind staying here if I could convince the Renaissance man of shared restroom and kitchen quarters with other guest.

Pigeon Point was originally named Whale Point due to the grey whale migration to the area. In June of 1853 a clipper ship on her maiden voyage named Carrier Pigeon crashed on fog covered rocks and the point was renamed Pigeon Point.

 This grey whale skull was amazing to photograph,  puts in prospective how massive these sea beauties are. We are really small fish in a big pond so to speak.

 I kept my eye on the ocean in hopes of glimpsing a pod traveling by. Lush ice plants and moss lining the bluffs paints a poetic memory in my mind, I can still smell the salt infused air.

 A mother and her pups relaxed on a bed of kelp without a care in the world.

Kelp that reminds me of mini palm trees swaying in the breeze. Pigeon Point Lighthouse is a must stop for sure if your coasting by. Next stop on the roadtrip will have you living on the edge.


Photography and art unless otherwise noted and credited is sole property of Gypsy Spirit Rising. If you would like to use photos or content please contact me before use and credit would be appreciated. If in anyway I have used your content without proper credit or use please let me know. I love the creative collaboration that makes up the blogging community, lets continue to contribute to the world in our own special way.
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