Thursday, November 30, 2017

And Still We Roam

As of right now we are in the woods and reception is spotty so I post when I can pick up a signal. We moved at a time when homes were available but because of Hurricane Harvey the ones in the hills are bought up quick and flooded homes are for sale cheap. And still we roam looking for a home. Many different options to plots of land , trailers , homes, subdivisions, hoa communities.

 We need to live wild and free, I sold my home and moved out of state for a better life. My son is also in Texas with me, so the whole tribe is back together. The kids are in their new schools and the Renaissance Man and I spend our days driving on the road looking for something to call our own. Time and patience is key.


  1. Holly, I'm happy your son is with you again. sending you good thoughts and blessings.

  2. Maybe you could try the hippie commune in Summertown, TN. I think you'd thrive there :)

  3. I'm so glad your son is with you all now; you must be elated! Don't worry, you'll find something. Keep hoping, keep dreaming. Your family is by your side, so that's the best part. I know what you mean about patience - it's not my best trait. ; ) Someday soon you will be in your new place, and you'll look back and see what a brave heart you really are, Holly. : )

    love, ~Sheri

  4. So glad your son is with you. And I agree with you, be patient. You'll find exactly what you need, and exactly where you need it, if you take your time.

  5. So happy your son is with you again! Be patient, you will find the perfect spot! Sending many blessings!



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