Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Lavender Dreams and Summer Haze

Summer vacation has and hasn't ended in Casa Sol y Luna. The older three started school two weeks ago and {M} has another week of helping on the homestead and extending the summer fun with me. I'm going to miss his helping hands when he goes off to first grade. My oldest son is a senior this year with a possibility of graduating early and then joining the work force. {E} is in her freshman year of High School and {L} is in her first year of Jr High, and I'm back to being the Mom Taxi.

When I do find a little free time I have been getting into projects and crafting. I finally finished my " Oceanic Dreams" dreamcatcher. This project was created while I mourned the loss of a young man who was my son's friend. That alone was hard for my children to go through this summer. When a tragedy happens unexpected to someone close to their age it's an eye opening life moment.

Landscaping is done after the school drop offs. My lavender plants around the fountain have become overgrown and the sun had scorched the plant to a brittle bouquet. I see quite a few lavender smudge bundles in the making. We replaced them with baby lavender plants that will fill in the space by next spring.

 Driftwood came into play for the handles of these besoms. The first one is lavender stalk tied with a beautiful hue the color of English Lavender  flowers in bloom. The second besom is a combo of hummingbird sage, lavender, and dried roses. I've been called to use the natural elements that are gifted to me from mother earth  to make sacred tools that assist in healing. The Angel communication lines have opened immensely for me and I have my ears perked up and my eyes open to messages .


  1. Your summer projects are fantastic, Holly. I really like the one with the hummingbird sage, lavender, and dried roses. That's nice that your little one gets to spend another week with you. School has started already in this area as well. Wishing your four kids a wonderful school year and their mom happiness while being there for them all the time. It is, I believe, the most special job of all. And a great privilege too.

    love, ~Sheri

  2. It seems that the new school year snuck up fast. One minute it was summer and the kids were playing outside and then the next moment they were back in school around my part of the woods.

    Your besoms and dream catcher are lovely. Sorry, your lavender got scorched, does that affect its use for the besoms and smudge sticks? I assume that just means that it got super dried out and thus makes it perfect for those things, but I could be wrong, lol.

    *hugs* Losing a friend at any age is hard, but when they are so young it seems so shocking.

  3. Your creations are breath taking!! Wow! Truly beautiful! I think I might have to try to make a besom with my sage!
    I'm sorry for the loss of your son's friend!
    Big Hugs!

  4. They grow fast enough to make us feel that we've missed something, don't they? The is about to graduate from college and the Little Princess is about to start 6th grade. Ridiculous!

    Love, love, LOVE the besoms!

  5. The dream cater is so cool and wishing everyone a great year at school.



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