Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Shaking A Hand About Some Land

 This is literally how it went down, the honest emotional roller coaster almost train wreck of finding our stake to claim here in Texas. The devastation of hurricane Harvey has the market for Houston homes cheap...if your an investor, these homes are flooded and skeletons of once beautiful homes. Those who were lucky enough to move have headed up the hill which left the market where we're searching with here today, pending tomorrow. We got really desperate, all the homes were no longer available. Twice we started the process on homes in sub divisions with HOA fees and no land just because we got scared that this might be our last hope at attaining something. Stress was putting a damper not just on us but our family who graciously is letting us live with them. I was told to relax and rest assured that good things come to those who wait, there is a plan for everyone and patience is necessary as is faith.

The plan of action changed. A wise woman told us to switch our strategy and look for land and then a home for the land. An appointment was made to view a piece of property which turned out to be forest that needed clearing and there were no hook ups for a home. As we were contemplating the land a truck pulled up the driver said "Howdy" and we told him we were new  to town and looking for a home. He said the neighbor down the way mentioned he wanted to sell his home, turns out he wasn't ready but the guy pulling out his driveway asked if we were looking for land. Talk about the right place at the right time. We drove around the corner and were left to look at 2 acres of wooded land with hook ups and septic already in place. And down the slope and over the tall grass I spied a pond with a deck!                                                             

This was the space we have dreamt about, this is camping everyday scenery all outside our front door, yet there was no front door or any home to speak of on the property. The next step all went down in one day actually. It had snowed the night before so we had a beautiful scenic drive to the county office to purchase and get the deed for the land, it took  less than an hour and it was ours. The same day we looked at some possible home options to put on our land, found our first Texas fixer upper, purchased it and had accomplished the goal of owning home and land!  A humble little note, a month exactly to the day that we closed on our home sale in California our home arrived.

So the journey continues with new and exciting adventures on the horizon! Do not dare step back from your visions and dreams and for one moment think they are not a possibility, it's not always easy but when imagined bliss comes to fruition you know the true meaning of being blessed. Many blessings to you and yours during the holidays and every moment there is breath.


  1. Things are coming your way. This looks like a lovely area, and I hope you get the house you've been dreaming of, Holly. Stay positive, and good things will happen.

    Merry Christmas! And enjoy the snow!

    love, ~Sheri

  2. Beautiful, Beautiful!! I am so happy!!! The land looks gorgeous!! I know you will have the home of your dreams! Sending you and your family, continued blessings!!!! Big Hugs! Happy Holidays!

  3. Oh- I am so very happy for you! You will have so much fun as you establish your first homesite there. Blessings to you and your hubby and a very Merry Christmas! xo Diana

  4. congratulations to you and your family:)

  5. *Squeeeeee!* I am so happy and excited for you and your family. Everything seemed to just fall into place not as soon as you would have liked but when it was supposed to! I can't wait to see more! Congrats!!!

  6. This is going to be the most Exciting of Adventures and your Land has taken my breath away! Location... Location... Location is always the most important aspect of real estate and a purchase and you done Good girl! I'm so Happy for you, Congratulations!

  7. That is happy news to find such a pretty spot.

  8. Purchasing a land is indeed much easier, so what you did was a smart move. It's less expensive, too, yet after a few signatures you already have a property you can call your own. The house can come next. It's even better because you get to build a home that reflects your family and not a previous owner. You even have the chance to build all amenities you want and so much more if you build from the ground up.

    Keneth Parish @ Lion Land Marketing



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