Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Brighton Beach ~ Bolinas

Each beach I visit has certain charm and experience attached to it. I'm way behind in sharing my oceanic photos from the West Coast beaches I visit, so this week I take you back to the beach. These moments in the sand and sun are from Brighton Beach Bolinas, California.

There is a consistant marine layer here, Bolinas is situated in a lagoon of the Pacific Coast. The air is so fresh and salty that my nose was draining all day, it was very therapuetic. When coming down to the beach past the Brighton art walls you can go either right or left. Here is the view to the left, were we decided to chill for the day.

 Here is a view to the right. There are a few steps that lead to a small overlook . You must get on the beach before hightide or you can't, same goes for when you want to leave.

We found a perfect spot to set up camp, complete with a teepee of all things! Wow we were amused to find such a structure to enjoy. The view up the hill behind us held another treasure.

Does this look familiar? A huge peace sign just hanging there as if to say "hey has this trip brought you the peace your were seeking"? A resounding yes leaped from my soul.

Another awesome beach structure. This hut is big enough to fit a small adult and is perfect little hide out for kids. The entrance was lined on both sides with drift wood.

 This is a beachcombers paradise. The variety of rocks and shells that get swept to shore are so diverse. Rocks in all shapes and sizes were smoothly tumbled, and some had perfect holes worn into them. We found pumice and some beach glass also.

 The girls looking for shells and heart shaped rocks. I'll have to admit we did take home a collection of sea treasures, besides the memories made here.

 More exploration on the "Groin". Off in the distance behind the fog you can spy the Stinson Beach Community.

In architecture the term groin refers to the projecting curved line along where two insecting vaults meet. Good to know so the surfers don't approach the slab underneath.

 Along the groin these two young surfers were swimming then scooping up something wiggly with there hands. As I approached I asked if I could take a photo.

 Handful of sand crabs. This photo doesn't do this moment justice these were crawling quickly like scattering scarabs in "The Mummy". Kinda creepy and cool at the same time.

Speaking of surfing I was amazed at all the "Grommets" (surfer slang for young surfer) out surfing without a care in the world. It was as if the parents waved goodbye from their bungalows and yelled " honey have a great surf ,come home before dinner" type of life. 

 Despite the sign,  I did not witness any naked surfing. Maybe this is a naked surfing spot but we were there on a Tuesday. Sometimes the photographer has to have a photo op.

 Before we packed up for the day {M} had to play in the epic sand pit. All day kids came and went shoveling sand and playing out adventures.

Summer is dwindling down which means beach visits will give way to crisp days in other nature settings. I honestly need the beach! To me the beach is were I throw all my worries and stress out to the sea, and then rejuvenate with all the elemental magic the water and sand have to offer. In the next post I will share another wonderful beach spot. This weekend brings dreams come true, {S} is turning 16 soon and wishes to celebrate in Santa Cruz, so I'm off to be a beach bum once again before it's time for sweaters and boots.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Goodwill Hunting & Moon Musings

Wednesday was officially National Thrift Shop Day. How did I celebrate....well I didn't there was by no means anyway I was shopping that day. Yesterday however it was a go. I love to go Goodwill hunting in search of treasure. My intentions were finding a frame to fit my latest crossstitch project, and then from there well you can see for yourself I found some items I had too have.

This dress is my ultimate find of the day. All summer I had been admiring these tye-dye dresses on my many travels in town and beyond. When I tried it on and it fit so beautifully I did a twirl here and there and then looked at the tag. $6.00 dollars instead of $30.00 which was the sale rate everywhere else............score! I know summer is coming to a close and I'm going to wear the hell out of this dress because truth be told I feel like a mystical goddess in it.

I'm thankful that yesterday was a good one, everybody I came in contact with while I was out and about were blissfully nice to me and the day flowed unchaotic into night. Maybe it's the magic of the Full Corn Moon. For more astral insight Mystic Mamma is my go to and definitely worth a visit. I hope you enjoy the luna pic for my fellow lunitics. Do you work with the full moon? Maybe you do or don't but I have a little luna love note I would like to share. 
Luna Love Note 
 It's time to get out of your head Alice. The viel of self doubt and other mind pricking painfull thoughts needs to be lifted. Oh, what is that luminous glow you have been hiding? That light needs to be shared collectively for humanity could use a boost, especially in these difficult times. Those everyday small good deeds are not small at all, they bond to the other and create a vibration. When the vibrations are strong enough there will be a ripple effect. Stay strong my beautiful friends, and I hope your weekend is full of moments that bring you joy.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016


There is all the space I need in my personal bubble now that all four of the kids are back in school, and my brain can breathe. Chico just stares at me and follows me around the house, I think he loves the attention because now theres no one to talk out loud to but him. The Summer was go on a whim non scheduled stretch of months. I'm pretty proud of myself that I let the perfectionist orderly in me take a vacation. Oh yes there is quite a few sides to me that I'm surprised my parents didn't  name me Sybil. Maybe I should let all of my personas take over this blog and suck you into the vortex of my everyday.

With this extra space and time to breathe freely, I think I will start this week off by doing around the house paint repairs. Fall is on my mind and I hope to get the house in order and cleaned out to start the season off fresh and inspired. Less chores means........more craft time.......and maybe a "Gypsy Spirit Goods" grand opening on Etsy. Truth is I created an account but do not have one single item to finish the set up process. I'm scared and unsure about this endevour but if you wait for the right time it nevers comes. There is technically no right time anyways, if you are pulled to something over and over most the time all you need is the euphoric jump off the cliff and revel in what the uncertian waters hold for you.

So with a deep breathe and a long exhale I'm opening the door to my full reality to all of you!

Monday, August 15, 2016

47 Years Ago

Be still my hippie heart, I'm 36 and was born in the wrong generation.  I'm a proud down the line and generations hippie, raising a new era of hippies (not to be confused with hipsters, that really is offensive) So today to commemorate that blast from the past celebrate peace, love, and music played louder than usual. A little early morning tribute to celebrate the 47th Anniversary of 1969's Woodstock Festival.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Gospel Flat Farmstand

 On our way out of downtown Bolinas I almost missed my opportunity to pull over and check out Gospel Flat Farm. I pulled over as much as I could off the side of the road and took a looksy. A bunch of  aromatic just picked basil and a bouquet of papery pink flowers were my purchase. Writing down my items and total in a notebook and then depositing my balance into the box, we were good to go. This was not the only establishment that had pay on the honor system . Imagine store fronts with doors wide open and nobody in sight, you peruse the merchandise and then put your payment in the box for your items. The Honor System still exsist here and it's a really awesome feeling to know that the golden rule of your word is your honor is humbling indeed.

Monday, August 8, 2016


Well hello there, if you frequent this blog then yes I changed it up a bit again! One minute I'm content with something and the next moment I'm not .Okay on to a new subject, after a summer of whims I'm finally sitting down to do some crafting. Ive been wanting to make a collective of hippie sandals all Summer and I finally have one (yes only one) pair made.

I didn't just stop there. My wrist and hand had to have accompanying jewelry as well. Maybe when the weather turns to cold wintry sit in the house type of days I will make and stock pile crafts. Actually I should of pondered months ago about what I was making for Christmas gifts, let alone Halloween crafting should start now. My brain is stuffed full with ideas like a vintage attic full of boxes obscuring the long mirror, no clear vision at the moment. Alright enough ranting, school is just a week away for the children and then.......
What type of craftastrophies are you getting into?

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Brighton Beach Art Stroll

The walk down to Brighton Beach from the street is a sight to behold in it's own. Instead of rushing down to the water we leasurly took in the art along the walls. The art, community, greenliving and all together vibe of this town has left an impact on our hearts. If you haven't already check out Downtown Bolinas. In the next installment I'll take you to the beach.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Downtown Bolinas C.A.

Last Tuesday the kids and I took a scenic road trip to a truly humble town with a green peace loving community. Wanting to always travel to this quaint seaside town and the 109 degree weather in Sacramento I decided it was time to take the trip. I took numerous photos so this may be a 3 part series. 

When you see this sign, you know you have arrived.

Smiley's Schooner Saloon & Hotel 

 Bolinas Super Market

 Burnt Park

 The People's Store

 The Free Box

Community Center

 Only gas station for miles.

 A really nice boutique with handmade goods.

 Really wanted to check this it out, but it's only open on weekends.

 Heading down Brighton to the beach.

 A real gypsy wagon!

 Got Stickers?

 Stay tuned for the art mural down to the beach.


Photography and art unless otherwise noted and credited is sole property of Gypsy Spirit Rising. If you would like to use photos or content please contact me before use and credit would be appreciated. If in anyway I have used your content without proper credit or use please let me know. I love the creative collaboration that makes up the blogging community, lets continue to contribute to the world in our own special way.
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