Friday, August 19, 2016

Goodwill Hunting & Moon Musings

Wednesday was officially National Thrift Shop Day. How did I celebrate....well I didn't there was by no means anyway I was shopping that day. Yesterday however it was a go. I love to go Goodwill hunting in search of treasure. My intentions were finding a frame to fit my latest crossstitch project, and then from there well you can see for yourself I found some items I had too have.

This dress is my ultimate find of the day. All summer I had been admiring these tye-dye dresses on my many travels in town and beyond. When I tried it on and it fit so beautifully I did a twirl here and there and then looked at the tag. $6.00 dollars instead of $30.00 which was the sale rate everywhere else............score! I know summer is coming to a close and I'm going to wear the hell out of this dress because truth be told I feel like a mystical goddess in it.

I'm thankful that yesterday was a good one, everybody I came in contact with while I was out and about were blissfully nice to me and the day flowed unchaotic into night. Maybe it's the magic of the Full Corn Moon. For more astral insight Mystic Mamma is my go to and definitely worth a visit. I hope you enjoy the luna pic for my fellow lunitics. Do you work with the full moon? Maybe you do or don't but I have a little luna love note I would like to share. 
Luna Love Note 
 It's time to get out of your head Alice. The viel of self doubt and other mind pricking painfull thoughts needs to be lifted. Oh, what is that luminous glow you have been hiding? That light needs to be shared collectively for humanity could use a boost, especially in these difficult times. Those everyday small good deeds are not small at all, they bond to the other and create a vibration. When the vibrations are strong enough there will be a ripple effect. Stay strong my beautiful friends, and I hope your weekend is full of moments that bring you joy.


  1. Oh I missed that it was thrift shop day this week.
    Your haul looks like a lot of fun and that dress is beautiful!

  2. It really is a wonderful dress, good find!

  3. How is it that I didn't know about National Thrift Shop Day? I must go on a (belated) celebration shopping spree. That dress is fabulous. It looks perfect on you--the colors, the cut, the way I can see it makes you feel!

  4. I had no idea there was such a day! I too love thrifting. You did get great treasures and love your dress! Another post that speaks to me.

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