Monday, August 8, 2016


Well hello there, if you frequent this blog then yes I changed it up a bit again! One minute I'm content with something and the next moment I'm not .Okay on to a new subject, after a summer of whims I'm finally sitting down to do some crafting. Ive been wanting to make a collective of hippie sandals all Summer and I finally have one (yes only one) pair made.

I didn't just stop there. My wrist and hand had to have accompanying jewelry as well. Maybe when the weather turns to cold wintry sit in the house type of days I will make and stock pile crafts. Actually I should of pondered months ago about what I was making for Christmas gifts, let alone Halloween crafting should start now. My brain is stuffed full with ideas like a vintage attic full of boxes obscuring the long mirror, no clear vision at the moment. Alright enough ranting, school is just a week away for the children and then.......
What type of craftastrophies are you getting into?


  1. These are lovely!
    I tend to change my blog up about once a year and I used to do it seasonally.

  2. Love the changes you've made to the blog--everything looks neat, pretty, bright and sooo you. And, of course, the sandals and other yumminess is fantastic, too!