Sunday, August 7, 2016

Brighton Beach Art Stroll

The walk down to Brighton Beach from the street is a sight to behold in it's own. Instead of rushing down to the water we leasurly took in the art along the walls. The art, community, greenliving and all together vibe of this town has left an impact on our hearts. If you haven't already check out Downtown Bolinas. In the next installment I'll take you to the beach.


  1. Beautiful! I love all the mural work. My favorite is the wheel with the bunny in it. If it had two more slices it could be the wheel of Sabbats with the bunny being Ostara. :)

  2. These are cool and interesting pics, Holly. I especially like the one of your daughter with the horse wall art. She looks like a little YOU......she's so cute.

    love, ~Sheri