Monday, April 25, 2016

Ariel's Addiction

As Ariel sat prime in the castle enjoying the airs of royalty a sorrow crept, realizing she gave up 300 years as a majestic maiden of the sea she wept. When the realization had begun a former addiction had come undone. Whos its and whats its a plenty and thing ama bobs galore started to fill the halls and cover the floor. Eric tried to reason  but lost it as his core Ariel repeated "who cares, no big deal, I want more!" No being on earth could ever stop her until one day she discovered a rare dinglehopper. 

shiny object floating in the sea
 quick jump into where merfolk be
a reflection of home

Prompt from Dark Poetry for the Cruellest Month - Beyond The Ever After

P.S.  Do you spy the "Sea Crone" overlooking  the Pacific Ocean life.


  1. The Little Mermaid as a hoarder? FANTASTIC! Love this take!

  2. Sometimes getting what you want can make you miserable. It's a shame she realized far too late.

  3. LOVE - such a wonderfully crafted tale :D

  4. Nothing takes us back quicker than a glimpse at the beautiful old when the new is lame and ugly.

  5. Oh yes...forgot all about her previous obsession...boredom is a girls worst enemy lol XXX

  6. Love that she made up her mind, "No being on earth could ever stop her until one day she discovered a rare dinglehopper." even though it took her 300 years to realise that.

  7. Magnificent, A very enjoyable read.

  8. What an enchanting picture of the ocean, Holly. How I long to be there at times.


  9. At least she finally came to realisation. (Love the sea crone in the pic.)

  10. Well, I guess when the shine wore off the prince, she longed for something new. And, isn't that how most addictions start or continue? Makes you think! Great piece!

  11. Awesome! And I loved the sea crone looking out into the sea. Hugs, Rasz



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