Friday, April 29, 2016

Flight of the Bumblebees

My next door neighbor's has taken up beekeeping on their homestead, and our fountain has become the local watering hole. I love watching the bees buzz around the fountain in droves , they emit a peaceful hum.  I'm glad we get to enjoy the benefits of these pollinators, as bee populations are in decline due to climate change. Now if only there wasn't a language barrier between us and the neighbors because I would gladly barter goods for fresh extremely local honey.          

Have a sweet weekend !                   


  1. These pictures are so cool, Holly. I think I've gotten only one good bee pic in my life because they seem to buzz away too quickly. I love that last one of the red flower against your white fountain.

    Have a nice weekend. Hey, I heard there's going to be a "Chocolate Week" the 2-8th of May in Old Sac. It sounds fun and something you might want to do (I'm not sure on the exact date though so you can check it out).

  2. I tried sending the link (chocolate week), but didn't go through.

  3. These images are glorious, Holly! And if I were you, I would find a way to communicate through pictures... I would do anything for fresh honey. :-D



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