Saturday, January 30, 2016

Weekend Work

Say hello the the work table, the tiny open box has seeds from last years flowers saved in foil packets from tea bags. It feels like spring around here, time to start some blooms.

I was gifted a big packet of forks for Christmas ( they always go missing around here) so a creative us was in order. A little sharpie on the handle to remind me whats sprouting.

My aloe plant is a Mother! I spied a few plants growing around her base and poking out of the pot. You can never have to many of these healing plants around.

The babies with already had a great root base established. I have miscellaneous planters ready to house an aloe until they grow and need big pots.

 Succulents and aloe mixed has a real coastal vibe, This was actually a candle 
 holder but I could not find the right size candle to replace it  once it burned down. I kinda have a thing for shells.

The transplants in their variety of pots. One of my favorites is these elephants. All but the plastic pots are thrift store finds throughout the years.

Meanwhile Chico stands charge, over seeing the yard activities taking place. He is very in tune with what we are doing and follows me from one task to another.

The time has come to say goodbye to the Christmas tree. The 8 footer got chopped down to wood logs and boughs. The fresh cuts smelled so good.

Into the fire pit they went. Pine infused smoke signals filled the air and blew along a breeze. We gathered around the fire and took a moment to purify and cleanse ourselves physically and mentally.

 And wouldn't you know as luck would have it , a rainbow shined and arched over our homestead. They say that riches can be found at the end of the rainbow, but mine lay underneath it. Many blessings to your weekend work, whatever it may be.

Monday, January 25, 2016

It's A Marley Kinda Monday

When it comes to Monday mornings you just never know what your going to get, remember it's the jump off of the week and sets the tone for the day and those to follow. {S} left the t.v. on before going to school so when I opened the door I was greeted with "One Love" and left the music to play and I'm having a beautiful start to the day. I have overcome all my addictions, but music is my medication and addiction that I cannot live without. Let the music play, turn it up loud and have a blessed day!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Happy Birthday Janis

I got a chance to stop by one of Janis Joplin's Bay area homes when I was in San Francisco. A piece of rock and roll nostalgia and a chance for me to take a small moment to connect to the past and feed my hippie soul. If  Janis was still living today she would be celebrating her 73rd birthday! So the ballads shall play all day and raspy songs are sung out in your honor dear J.J.

{ Image Source Unknown }

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Just For The Record S.F.

On my 36th birthday I finally made the trip to the  Haight  Ashbury  District of San Francisco C.A. All the many times I visited San Francisco we never took the time to explore this strip. The Summer of Love in 1967 happened here and nostalgia of the hippie sub culture and the music created still can be found in the record stores.

The side view of Amoeba Music store from the McDonald's parking lot. Don't expect to park here and explore Haight it is strictly prohibited and you will be towed. Also to use the McD's restroom you must purchase something and then show the receipt to the guard who will then unlock the door for you (seriously).

A quick photo of the store front as we waited for the doors to open. There was a line of about 20 people ready to get their music fix. The record store used to be a bowling alley and opened as a music store in 1997.

This place is huge and the selection of music in all formats was astounding. We bought a Bob Marley & The Wailers record. Our {S} is really into music and received a record player for Christmas so a trip back later in the year for him to experience Amoeba Music for himself is a must.

Bob Marley is one of my favorite musical artist to absorb. His soulful vibes put me at ease and I really dig this photo of him. A lot of nostalgic photos and memorabilia adorn the walls and can be purchased to adorn yours.

Although we did not go into Rasputin Records I still had to stop and take a shot of the bright mural. So many more colors to trip off of ( by the senses only of course) awaited our us on our stroll up Haight & Ashbury.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Bridge to "The City"

  New San Francisco / Oakland  Bay Bridge

 Yerba Buena Tunnel

 The Bay Bridge

City View From The Bridge

I took many photos that I will share with you in segments.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

I Have Been Here & There

No I haven't dropped off the face of the earth but have been exploring it. The New Year started of with adventure. A conversation with my Renaissance Man about what I wanted to do for my 36 birthday lead to an impromptu trip on the first day of 2016. Honestly I didn't  know what I wanted to do but while I was rolling things around my brain the phone rang. My step mom asked me if I had plans for my birthday "I'm still trying to figure that out right now", I told her. Well pack the kids and bring them over to stay the night with Grandma!  We all packed our bags in less than 20 minutes, dropped off the kids and  started driving towards the bay area with no plan, just wondering gypsies on the go. 17 years ago on New Years day is when me and my Renaissance man  first met so a trip for just the two of us was extra special.

We landed in Berkeley C.A. The night was spent strolling the streets. Being new years most places were closed.  Fourth Street was still light up for the holidays and we warmed our bones with some Peet's Coffee  and a slice of gingerbread. Many shops lined the streets and we truly did window shop since that is all we could do.The Amtrak station is also located here.

Deciding that seafood and coffee don't mix well we passed on dining at the Grotto. Later dinner was enjoyed at La Mission Grill  1255 University Ave, Berkeley C.A. From the store displays and signs we definitely were in the Middle Eastern section of town. Oh how I wish these shops were open, so many things I enjoy were locked inside the closed doors and I would of loved to have henna done.

Paintings on brick buildings. Sorry for the photo quality these were taken on my phone. I had a fun night in Berkeley and great rest at The Holiday Inn next to the library. I woke up at 4:31 a.m. the next day full of excitement... it was my birthday and we were headed to San Francisco.


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