Sunday, January 31, 2016

Weekend Work

Say hello the the work table, the tiny open box has seeds from last years flowers saved in foil packets from tea bags. It feels like spring around here, time to start some blooms.

I was gifted a big packet of forks for Christmas ( they always go missing around here) so a creative us was in order. A little sharpie on the handle to remind me whats sprouting.

My aloe plant is a Mother! I spied a few plants growing around her base and poking out of the pot. You can never have to many of these healing plants around.

The babies with already had a great root base established. I have miscellaneous planters ready to house an aloe until they grow and need big pots.

 Succulents and aloe mixed has a real coastal vibe, This was actually a candle 
 holder but I could not find the right size candle to replace it  once it burned down. I kinda have a thing for shells.

The transplants in their variety of pots. One of my favorites is these elephants. All but the plastic pots are thrift store finds throughout the years.

Meanwhile Chico stands charge, over seeing the yard activities taking place. He is very in tune with what we are doing and follows me from one task to another.

The time has come to say goodbye to the Christmas tree. The 8 footer got chopped down to wood logs and boughs. The fresh cuts smelled so good.

Into the fire pit they went. Pine infused smoke signals filled the air and blew along a breeze. We gathered around the fire and took a moment to purify and cleanse ourselves physically and mentally.

 And wouldn't you know as luck would have it , a rainbow shined and arched over our homestead. They say that riches can be found at the end of the rainbow, but mine lay underneath it. Many blessings to your weekend work, whatever it may be.


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  2. Holly, I just love your posts. A rainbow is such a special sign, and of course YOU would be gifted with one. :) The Christmas tree must have blown its special pine scent one last time before giving it up. Your aloe very plant is wonderful. My mother-in-law first introduced me to aloe vera and its healing many years ago, and ever since then I was hooked. Keep growing your garden, Holly. You will have things sprout up in no time with our California weather.

    love, ~Sheri

  3. I have been thinking of adding some succulents to our house! Hope all is going well for you in the New Year!

  4. love it! feelin' those aloe vibes absolutely!

  5. Looking at your beautiful green bits put a smile on my face. There is only grey sky and snowy ground outside my window at the moment.

    Love the expression on Chico's face. And the thought of the scent of the pine smoke and the warmth... yum! And you are right about the rainbow, and about where the riches truly are. ♥

  6. Planting and re-potting, yay! I was psyched to start sprucing up the patio and plant stuff as well, but then when I looked out the window this morning the snow was back...



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