Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Corner View ~ Mix & Match

Yesterday evening my 14 yr old son had a summer job interview which was held at a community center in Natomas. We arrived a bit early so we took a stroll through this beautifully fragrant Rose Garden.


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  1. Oh, I'd like to take a stroll there too, Holly. This looks like a peaceful place to visit.
    Good luck to your son with the job. :~)


  2. it looks very beatiful. hope you son got the job :)

  3. What a beautiful place to take a stroll.

  4. Ooh, Beautiful!! I hope your son`s interview went well! I am impressed he is working at 14. My daughter is 15 and hasn`t had her first job yet:)

  5. PS I just told my daughter about your son`s getting a job, and she was jealous!! She asked `in America do kids need permission from the school to get a part-time job?". I said I don`t think so, but just checking it out to ask you!! In Japan, her High School needs permission from the school for kids to work, so we will try to soon, as she is anxious to start!! Best wishes to your son!