Friday, May 15, 2015

Mother's Day Weekend in the Woods

Wow the weekend is almost here again. Last Thursday I was scrambling around getting our camping equipment and all necessities packed  and ready to go for our first camping trip of 2015. Even though it rained the night before we still headed out Friday morning to Orchard Springs Resort.

The up and down road that leads to the campsite is beautiful with country scenery and wildlife.

We camped at tent site 270 ,  a nice spacious site with the basic camping amenities. R.V. sites and a few cabins are available also .

We all worked together to set up camp and then got to enjoy our home away from home. I grow up camping and love sharing this pastime with my own little tribe.

Surprisingly even though we are in extreme drought Rollins Lake has ample water, and oh what beautiful scenery. This is a view from the N.I.D. overlook.

It seems during the week  construction was taking place. {M} is in love with tractors and was excited  take a photo op.

The woods are full of Pacific Madrone trees. We dubbed these chocolate trees because they are so rich in  color. The way the branches twist is a wonder in themselves.

A stream runs through the camp. A little cross bridge is located below cabin camping up on the hill.

We followed a little off the beaten path trail and found this cave. At first it seemed a little creepy, a big open mouth cave in the side of a dirt compound facing the lake. Bears perhaps? Later Internet research proved to be an old mining shaft created by hydraulic mining. In the words of Huell Howser" that's amazing
 California Gold".

Rollins Lake really is beautiful, here's the view from across the cave.

I really enjoyed my Mother's Day weekend in the woods and look forward to camping here again. Orchard Springs Resort campground is family & pet friendly if you wish to visit. The store however is closed, temporary or permanent I am not sure. Rentals for the lake other than your own boating also wasn't available at our visit, this could be due to off season. If you happen to visit and spot me and my tribe don't hesitate to say hello.


  1. Holly, Rollins Lake is so pretty. My husband has been there also. Oh, I used to love to go camping with the kids. I haven't been in a long time. Those chocolate trees are so different, and the bark looks smooth. What a great picture of your son by the yellow tractor. Most little boys love those BIG tractors. And the cave picture was really cool. I'm glad you had a nice Mother's Day weekend in the woods. I bet it was good to be around nature once again. It brings me peace every time.

    love, ~Sheri

  2. what a beautiful place! i'm sure you got to camp at the best time of year - off season.



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