Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Homespun Gift Giving

Now that almost everyone received their gifts from me, I can reveal them to you all. When I get around to it I will post tutorials. We are all a little under the weather right now at the house.

These candy sleighs were a hit. I made these for our stockings, in place of just throwing in chocolates. All you need is candy and that handy dandy glue gun.


My nieces and nephews got a homemade ornament on their gift to adorn their tree. I purchased a roll of 12 ball ornaments at the dollar store. Mini jingle bells were added and the hot glue gun was used to make the initials. Epsom salt added quickly gives a pretty sparkle.

Who doesn't love a bucket of snow! Our part of California is sunny and green so faux snow for a White Christmas is a must. Add shaving cream to baking soda and voila you have cold powder snow.

I made these sensory play kits for all my nieces and nephews. Check out my 
 Moon Sand  post on how to make sand.

The aroma while making these was delectable. I included instructions on a Christmas card on how to use this Gingerbread scrub so everybody knows it's not to eat. Mommy Musings blog has the recipe and printables.

These lavender heat pillows were all hand sewn with love. Me and my sewing machine have a love /hate relationship. The dried lavender flowers were cultivated from my own plants. Fill with rice and any aromatic flower of your choice, and pop into the microwave for up to two minutes. Your sore muscles will thank you.

The adults received my "Comfort & Joy Baskets".  The time and effort that went into making  these gifts was a true labor of love that I look forward to doing again when the holidays roll around . 

Happy New Year's Eve Eve!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Making Moon Sand

Baby it's cold outside and we long for the days of warm rays and playing on the beach. Roaring waves and sandcastles are things to long for till Spring /Summer arrives next year. But alas don't despair you still can have sand play....indoors! Moon Sand is commercially sold in stores but you can make bulk quantity for much cheaper.

 All you need is two simple ingredients. 8 cups of flour and 1 cup oil. It can be any type of oil you choose, baby oil just makes this moon sand smell so good.

Add the ingredients to a bowl and mix. It really is that simple a 4 year old can do it.

Moon Sand is great sensory bin play. Of course it doesn't have to stay in the container, but in the moments of creativity can get messy.  {M} is making a snowman, which brings me to the next project and future post. 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Simple Days

These past days we have been holed in with rain. It's too wet and damp to do anything outside but take the kids to and from school. The husband and I have been doing house chores together and hoping for brighter days literally and figuratively. It has been a month since he was laid off and it's hard to get a landscape job in this season and weather. Fingers crossed our situation will soon have a positive turn around. 

So this brings us yet again to a very humble Christmas, but this is not my first ride on this rodeo. I kept the decor at a minimum this year. The tree is trimmed and the stockings are hung. Now I must get crafty to make the kids eyes sparkle on Christmas Day.

Last year we didn't gift to anyone but our kids. I really do love to give a gift at Christmas to our family members so I'm going to be like a frantic little elf crafting at my kitchen table. 10 days left till Christmas! Let's see what homemade goods I can create before Christmas day arrives.

 In between the hustle & bustle I will post my projects, and try to keep up with the blogosphere. The kids will be on winter break after this week. "Good grief Charlie Brown, I'm so not ready for all of this"! I hope this holiday season is treating you well and blissful moments are to come. Now I'm off to grab the glue gun.

Saturday, December 6, 2014


I'm glad to report that the storm clouds around my mind and heart have lifted. As for hometown weather well that's a different story, rain off and on with wind and and occasional flooding, but I can't complain were still in severe drought conditions. 

Maybe it continues to rain because my children can't help dancing when the opportunity arises. The joy and endless smiles they display while doing the simplest littlest things in life warms my heart and reminds me that it's the little moments that make memories.

 On December first I did wake up with a new perspective as I had hoped for on my previous post. The magic of words can be so profound. Words and goals flowed out of me at 5:00 a.m. and I jotted them down on paper to be a constant reminder. So far so good.

 A lot of baking and making sweet treats has been going on around here. The oven baking keeps the humble homestead warm & cozy. My youngest children are the best sous chefs.

We've been crafting too. These set of Reindeer ornaments are $2.88 for a 12 pack at Walmart. A few odds and ends and a glue gun and we made some awesome ornaments for the tree. I'll have to post the after pic later.

The tree is up but is yet to be decorated. Tonight while be our little tree trimming ceremony. Oh did I mention we have been snuggling up on the couch and watching a copious amount of Christmas shows and movies? I hope all of you are having a great kick off to December and all it has in store.

Beautiful Blessings to you this weekend and upcoming week.


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