Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Simple Days

These past days we have been holed in with rain. It's too wet and damp to do anything outside but take the kids to and from school. The husband and I have been doing house chores together and hoping for brighter days literally and figuratively. It has been a month since he was laid off and it's hard to get a landscape job in this season and weather. Fingers crossed our situation will soon have a positive turn around. 

So this brings us yet again to a very humble Christmas, but this is not my first ride on this rodeo. I kept the decor at a minimum this year. The tree is trimmed and the stockings are hung. Now I must get crafty to make the kids eyes sparkle on Christmas Day.

Last year we didn't gift to anyone but our kids. I really do love to give a gift at Christmas to our family members so I'm going to be like a frantic little elf crafting at my kitchen table. 10 days left till Christmas! Let's see what homemade goods I can create before Christmas day arrives.

 In between the hustle & bustle I will post my projects, and try to keep up with the blogosphere. The kids will be on winter break after this week. "Good grief Charlie Brown, I'm so not ready for all of this"! I hope this holiday season is treating you well and blissful moments are to come. Now I'm off to grab the glue gun.

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  1. i hope you finished all your projects in time, Holly! i finished my sister's present yesterday ... it wasn't even a late christmas present, but a very late birthday one!!!



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