Sunday, November 30, 2014

As a new month approaches

 I sit here writing this post with a gloomy grey cloud around my head and it happens to have the unpredictability to storm and rain at any moment. I hate having days and even weeks like this. The people in this  house have been dealing  with "whatever I'm going through right now"and there seems to be no relief on the horizon. I feel I'm not the mother and wife I should be but lately I can't shake this depression that's holding me down.

Tomorrow starts a whole new month and an end to this year. There are so many personal changes / goals I would like to achieve but am completely clueless as to where my starting point is. All I know is I don't like who I've been lately and seriously need a shift to find my inner light again. Hopefully I will get a good night sleep free from nightmares and waking up at 3:00 a.m., to a beautiful new day and month. I usually don't share these things on my blog, but I'm going to keep it real because this is how it is sometimes.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Corner View ~ One Color

One of my favorite places to visit in my beautiful city is Old Sacramento. The atmosphere really takes you back into a place and time of  the pioneering old west. These photos were taken in October during my husband and mine 12 year anniversary date. We both grew up in Sacramento and are lucky to be a 10 minute drive away from such historic landmarks. The buildings are bathed in purple to show pride for our "Sacramento Kings" basketball team.

A spectacular Theatre of Lights event is held every year during the holiday season up till New Year's. It truly is a magical retelling of Clemente Clark Moore's "Twas the night before Christmas". We have attended a few of these shows over the years with the kids and I have to say that it brings adults into a childlike wonder bliss state of mind.

Here in the United States we celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow. I would like to wish all of my friends from around the world a blessing of happiness, love, and togetherness.  I'm grateful 
you visit my corner of the world. Visit Fuoriborgo for more Corner Viewing.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Sweet & Savory Seeds

 It's pumpkin season! My favorite part of carving Halloween pumpkins isn't carving and getting all gooey, it's the bounty  of seeds.

 The four medium size pumpkins we carved gave us about six cups of pumpkin seeds. Instead of the traditional salted roast, I wanted to try something different. So of course I went to Pinterest to see what other's cook up, and get the scoop on how to.

After looking through a billion recipes I finally stopped being picky and used these recipes.
Sweet Seed recipe  @ undressedskeleton
Savory Seed recipe @ europeancutie

The sweet seeds were hands down the kids favorite and the jar was empty pretty quick. Rosemary on the savory seeds smelled so amazing when roasted but did make for odd tasting seeds. You never know until you do! Have fun discovering fall food.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Corner View - One Book

One of my favorite books as a child and one I love to share with my children.
 "The Giving Tree" displays a give and take cycle in one's life span. If you have not yet read this book I highly recommend it, and share it with the little ones in your life.

More books can be viewed by visiting Fuoriborgo.


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