Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Corner View - One Book

One of my favorite books as a child and one I love to share with my children.
 "The Giving Tree" displays a give and take cycle in one's life span. If you have not yet read this book I highly recommend it, and share it with the little ones in your life.

More books can be viewed by visiting Fuoriborgo.


  1. I loved reading that to my daughter when she was little!
    Great photo with the apples--delicious! Happy reading to you!♡

  2. I've heard of this book before (from Americans) but I've never seen it in person. I wonder if it can be found in Sweden?

  3. i don't know it, but i'm never never too old for children's books!!

  4. A very good book indeed! Need to buy it for my girls.