Monday, November 10, 2014

Sweet & Savory Seeds

 It's pumpkin season! My favorite part of carving Halloween pumpkins isn't carving and getting all gooey, it's the bounty  of seeds.

 The four medium size pumpkins we carved gave us about six cups of pumpkin seeds. Instead of the traditional salted roast, I wanted to try something different. So of course I went to Pinterest to see what other's cook up, and get the scoop on how to.

After looking through a billion recipes I finally stopped being picky and used these recipes.
Sweet Seed recipe  @ undressedskeleton
Savory Seed recipe @ europeancutie

The sweet seeds were hands down the kids favorite and the jar was empty pretty quick. Rosemary on the savory seeds smelled so amazing when roasted but did make for odd tasting seeds. You never know until you do! Have fun discovering fall food.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for these tips! I don't know why I've never tried roasting seeds, considering the heaps of pumpkins I go through :)



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