Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Corner View ~ One Color

One of my favorite places to visit in my beautiful city is Old Sacramento. The atmosphere really takes you back into a place and time of  the pioneering old west. These photos were taken in October during my husband and mine 12 year anniversary date. We both grew up in Sacramento and are lucky to be a 10 minute drive away from such historic landmarks. The buildings are bathed in purple to show pride for our "Sacramento Kings" basketball team.

A spectacular Theatre of Lights event is held every year during the holiday season up till New Year's. It truly is a magical retelling of Clemente Clark Moore's "Twas the night before Christmas". We have attended a few of these shows over the years with the kids and I have to say that it brings adults into a childlike wonder bliss state of mind.

Here in the United States we celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow. I would like to wish all of my friends from around the world a blessing of happiness, love, and togetherness.  I'm grateful 
you visit my corner of the world. Visit Fuoriborgo for more Corner Viewing.


  1. Light can be a color! Nice choice... and nice blog. I'm glad to read you.

  2. What a nice idea! I really like it. :-)

  3. The theater of light sounds really nice, thany you will have the rainbow colors all together!
    I've heard of Old Sacramento, but I have never been there, seems nice!

    Happy Thanksgiving, I've lived ages ago in the states and I remember thanksgiving very well!

  4. Looks beautiful and exciting!! :D

  5. How pretty! And happy Thanksgiving!

  6. That's really cool! Happy Thanksgiving from an American living in Australia. We will be celebrating here too!

  7. happy thxsgiving to you all!! i'm a day late, ain't i? i hope you may still be enjoying its day after. .. sacramento is a place i didn't visit, way back in the nineties... so special to grow up in a place of such joy and illumination! n♥

  8. Happy Thanksgiving from Italy!

  9. purple buildings! i'd be glad to have any street light at all in this rural corner here! :)



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