Friday, October 31, 2014

{ This Moment }

{This Moment } is a Friday ritual where a single photo with no words is captured 
from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment, to pause , savor, and remember. If your inspired to do the same visit SoulMama and leave a link to your "moment" for all to view and enjoy.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Haunted Humpday * Corner View ~ Tradition

Halloween is almost here, the excitement around here is palatable. This is our last Haunted Humpday and I would like to thank Marfi for hosting the festivities and getting us all in the spirit since September. I got to choose the theme for corner view this week and tradition came to mind. Stop by  Francesca's and enjoy tradition from around the globe.

 October is full of traditions, birthdays, anniversary, and Hallow festivities for my family. A trip to the pumpkin patch is a must. This year we enjoyed a free festival put on by a church.

 My pumpkins with their pumpkins.

One last trip to the Drive-Inn before it's too chilly. We watched "The Book of Life", a great movie displaying Mexican culture and Dia de los Muertos celebrations.

True children of the corn!

We love to decorate our front porch. This year a few basics were displayed, I seem to have displaced a mass majority of our Halloween decor.

The mummy managed to re-emerge just in time.

Even my dogson Chico get's into the Halloween spirit.

The pumpkins have been brought inside because somebody smashed a few of ours in the street last night. Tonight we will have a pumpkin carving party. We watch a fun Halloween movie or two depending on how long it takes while we carve. Treats and laughter are apart of this tradition.

Nov. 1st and 2nd we celebrate Dia de los Muertos. I don't have an ofrenda up this year but might throw something together to share with you. We will be visiting the graveyard to celebrate our ancestors.

I hope you enjoyed a little peek into our Halloween traditions. Best wishes for a Spooktacular fun filled Halloween.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

It's a Halloween party.... of sorts

Welcome , welcome all who flew over today to pay me a visit at Casa Sol Y Luna. I hope the weather conditions gave you a smooth flight. Park your broom there's plenty of room, as your are my first guest.

 Yes I know it doesn't seem very festive in the traditional sense of Halloween. Since the solar eclipse and new moon I've taken a quite retreat to renew my spirit and work on my transformation. Come rest  your bones a bit with me. You can kick up your heels, take off your hat and let your hair down . All the awesome party's your attending must have brought you to this humble rest spot.

Come on in .... the doors always open. Oh it seems you have something on your mind deary, is everything well with you? Your eyes tell me it's a matter of the heart, perhaps love? Let me see if I can help you with that. Looks like a certain potion  is in need of being made once again, I'm fresh out. Don't fret I can still help.

How about a reading? Have a glance at the cards. Listen to the soft inner voice within you and chose the card your guided to.  These lovely cards are from Susan Bowes "Love Spells & 
Rituals". Now let's get to the heart of the matter shall we.

If you chose the first card

  The Ancestors * Courage
Mystical Realm Guidance: To Follow your Dream

You come from a long line of ancestors who  come from different continents and cultures and how lucky of you to have such rich heritage! This card reveals to you that it is time to break the lineage line in some way. You have within you the power to change the restrictive behavior patterns that have been passed on from generation to generation. You do not have to live your family obligations on other's terms , you are free to live your life the way you wish. Of course this may cause upheaval and criticism from those strict in there ways. Take courage, your ancestors support you no matter what. The more you free your spirit and accept the new you and flourish in that growth you will actually elevate to higher expressions. Even though others may disapprove ,your ancestral tribe is rooting for you every step of the way. Don't be afraid to step into your truth!

Magical Incantation:
 I give thanks to my ancestors for giving me the courage to love who I choose to love.


If you chose the second card

Venus * Divine Love
Planetary Guidance: To Release Old Patterns

The beautiful brilliant planet that can be seen from Earth during early evening and morning is Venus. Oh that goddess who's libido and energy rises early in the morning.  Are you an early bird or wish to be more perky in the morning? Venus's glyph is a symbol of spirit rising above earthly matters to heal the soul through divine love. Do you believe in love, or have such matters of the heart left you critical, broken, or at a lose. Do not confuse sexual relations with the euphoria of being in love, there is a difference. The truth is you have been wounded to a point that you have closed up your heart and thrown away the key. Healing is possible and is on it's way as we speak. First you must identify negative relationship patterns and put a stop to them immediately. As soon as you take a stance, your heart will open, take flight and your relationships with be new and full of meaning. Venus is a reminder that not all love is lost, in the moment we think it is gone forever our heart renews and love is stronger than it has ever been! Ask Venus's love to shine into your heart and show you the way.

Magical Incantation:
I call upon the energy of Venus to show me my path to divine love. I open my heart to receive her brilliance.


And last but certainly not least , if you chose the third card

The Broken Heart * The Wound
Emotional Element Guidance: To Face Your Wound

This card is of great importance and you need to listen close and absorb all the meaning it has for you. Your heart is asking you to look at all your relationships, all the way back to childhood. Childhood is were we receive our deepest wounds, incidences which broke our innocent spirit and made us feel less of who we felt we were. In remembering how your heart has been broken over the years, the feelings of isolation and loneliness have lead you to create a tall brick wall between yourself and others. The negative behavior and self destructive patterns you have created to cope is like a magnet pulling you to someone with the same broken, destructive heart. Take responsibility for your wounds, then release them and set them free. It is time to release your wounds. This next step is painful but is essential for your healing. Write a letter to self about all your important relationships, both positive and negative. Let your heart speak it's truth and observe the patterns that have occurred throughout the years, and explore the feelings that arise. Tissue or perhaps a hug is needed at this point.  I suggest burning the paper after you are done, feel all your broken pieces float away with the smoke as your heart heals.Your wounded heart will take time to heal. Love yourself  first and that beacon will beckon love to you.

Magical Incantation:
From this day on I  only draw people to me who can lovingly and gently help me to heal the wound of my broken heart.

Well my lovely it has been a profound visit with you. I hope you are inclined to be a dear friend and visit often, like I said before "the door is always open".  I'm off to grab my broom and rain cloak and attend many Halloween party's around the globe.  Would you like to travel with me, just grab the invite and let's fly.

a little note

Hello there , my party post is a little late on arrival , I hope you will stop back by after partying with a few of our fellow friends. Sincerely sorry for the delay.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Corner View ~ Stranger

Synonyms of strang-er
new comer
new arrival

I think this art sums it up.

 These strange art pieces and many murals can be found on "K" Street or newly named  "The Kay" in Downtown Sacramento.

 Corner view is a Wednesday weekly appointment hosted by Francesca, where bloggers from around the globe share their view on a pre-arranged theme.

Friday, October 17, 2014

It's Friday ..... let's party!

Put on your pointy hat, grab your broom, and fly on over and party with Magaly Guerrero the creatress of this wicked soiree . 

There are many festivities and  creative magic to indulge in, so please visit Howling Partiers & Sponsors.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Corner View ~ Rough

This past Summer season has been very "rough" literally. There has been no rain and we are in a serious drought. Not to mention my gardening plans were thwarted by rough dirt, rough water restriction's and the rough drying sun. Here's to the hope that Autumn has some relief insight. Words sure are powerful today, as I write there is rain pitter pattering the window. I love a good gray wet day to tend to indoor chores.

Visit FouriBorgo for world wide views of "rough".  May the rest of the week bring you contentment & joy.

Haunted Humpday ~ The Tragedy's Of Dyer Lane

Hello wicked loves I'm finally back to a Haunted Humpday post. Anyone else feel the whiplashes of mercury retrograde? Mine are mostly mental, but damn if they don't effect everything and everyone around me. Astrologer Maria Macario has a lovely article about the science and nature of this retrograde phase that is quite introspective. Okay enough about my mentality let's get on to the good stuff. This haunted post is steeped in Urban Legend and truth of tragic incident's.
When I was a teenager I was part of the youth group at the church I grew up in. Part of the Halloween spirit fun was taking a hayride at night down a long dark road in the country. Sounds like good clean fun right? After you hear my story you might not think so. My youngest daughter recently asked me what urban legends were and that gave me the idea to give the children a first hand  real life the daylight of course.

" The Tragedy's of Dyers Lane"

It is legend that a one mile  stretch of  country road in Elverta C.A. is haunted . Oh were do these tales come from? Is it  just a creepy stretch of road to travel at night to freak out your senses?  Kasser Rd, Tan Woods Rd, and Dyer Lane are reported to be haunted do to all the deaths that have occurred over the years. As urban legends go there are many variations on the tales, I'm sharing with you the one's I grew up on.

Between 1854-1857 John and Julie Dyer settled their family upon this land. They owned a ranch, a few houses, and a slaughter house. John supposedly had a way with the ladies in town which made his dear farm wife jealous. Enraged by her husbands affairs she went mad and butchered her husband, children, and then did herself in. The oldest son however was not home at the time. When he returned home to find his whole family murdered he set fire to all the homes and slaughter house. The land was sold to Ross Riolo in 1956.

Kasser Rd. turns a left bend onto Tan Woods Road. The slaughter house was on the right. Some one has cut down the street sign. A ton of garbage and graffiti has accumulated at the turn and seems to be some sort of hangout, probably teenagers with nothing better to do , thinking it's fun to prop and spook those that travel down this road at night.

In 1950's a police officer dead either in a car crash or by mysterious circumstances. Story goes that at night his police car comes speeding down the road flashing it's lights and then disappearing into thin air. Police do indeed drive down this road often to make sure nothing crazy is going on, so to see Placer cop cars is common.

In 1972  two teenagers driving a GTO and Duster were racing. Both the drivers were intoxicated and the GTO driver missed the 90 degree turn slamming into a tree.The impact threw him through the windshield head first into the tree and death occurred instantly on impact. Some say a man with a bashed in skull roams the road.

The game of chicken ended bad in this case and there are plenty of them out here.

In the 1930's -1940's Dyer Lane was a place of KKK meetings and lynchings were done on the branches of the tree lined street. Plenty of hateful graffiti is also along the road. Legend has it that around the witching hour  you can see the ghosts hanging from the limbs, and rocks are being thrown from unknown sources.

Satanic rituals are believed to occur in the fields with cow's being sacrificed and there blood being used in ritual. Redpaint is also splattered on the street around this site.

This guy's lucky there is no longer a slaughter house down the road, but he better watch out for the dark practitioners.

In 1985 a teenager died of stab wounds due to a racially charged gang fight between 100 students from Rio Linda & Encina High. Random gone shots are often heard by the farmers living out here.

There are those out there that think they can freely graffiti and add there own essences to the urban legends and haunted roads. Are you scared of things that go bump in the night? Would you dare travel down Dyer Lane, turn off your car and roam down the road in the dead off night? You might not be able to start your car if you do!

Happy Haunted Humpday, and please visit our hostess with the mostest Marfi to enjoy more haunted fun.

Friday, October 10, 2014

{ This Moment }

{This Moment } is a Friday ritual where a single photo with no words is captured 
from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment, to pause , savor, and remember. If your inspired to do the same visit SoulMama and leave a link to your "moment" for all to view and enjoy

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Corner View ~ Darkness

"Just Me & A Tree"

Fall is here and darkness is taking over light, except on this day there was shadow play going on. The tall wise witch with her broomstick going to consult the snake. Don't worry it's just my hose, I had to throw a little seasonal fun in the mix. Enjoy more takes on darkness by visiting fuoriborgo, and have a lovely rest of the week.

Friday, October 3, 2014

{ This Moment }

{This Moment } is a Friday ritual where a single photo with no words is captured 
from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment, to pause , savor, and remember. If your inspired to do the same visit SoulMama and leave a link to your "moment" for all to view and enjoy.


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