Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Corner View ~ Rough

This past Summer season has been very "rough" literally. There has been no rain and we are in a serious drought. Not to mention my gardening plans were thwarted by rough dirt, rough water restriction's and the rough drying sun. Here's to the hope that Autumn has some relief insight. Words sure are powerful today, as I write there is rain pitter pattering the window. I love a good gray wet day to tend to indoor chores.

Visit FouriBorgo for world wide views of "rough".  May the rest of the week bring you contentment & joy.


  1. I love all the interpretations of 'my word'! I'm not much of a person for gray, dreary days; I prefer sunny ones for working inside or out. But I'm always thankful for the rain! Hope fall is kinder to you! :>)

  2. and that's how rain can be a life saver too... anyway, i do love rain, always... can't help it. n♥

  3. I know how it is to have droughts... Poor plants. Hope it rains soon! Try a rain dance. :P Could work, you never know haha

  4. sounds like rainwater is really badly distributed around the world (and richness!)

  5. Strange coincidence, that it starts raining heavily here, right in that moment I'm reading your post...unfair distribution! Autumn's always very wet here in Germany, I'd sometimes love to send a shower somewhere else, where it's needed... ;-)



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