Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summer Body Transformer 30 Day Challenge Update

Kudos to all you out there who are taking the challenge and working on creating a healthy fit body. Unfortunately for me the challenge has come to a halt about a week ago. The muscles I had damaged before are reactivated again with pain. A soccer injury to my knee in high school is also bothering me. I know what is best for me at this point is to listen to by body and it's not so gentle ways of letting me know this is not the right way to achieve what I was working for. Continuing to care for  my body and health is of high importance.  I hope to get back in touch with yogic practices, and this time I aspire to fully immerse myself into the yogic path for I'm waiting for my nirvana enlightenment. To each his own and a blessing to you to achieve what is most nourishing to your temple.

My daughter snapped this shot of my unknowingly. I'm sitting on a cove overlooking the Pacific Ocean at Baker Beach, San Francisco. My thoughts were casting all that no longer serves me into the ocean, and absorbing the natural energies around me to help find  my truth, peace, and purpose. Working with new moon energy & seeking.

~ Namaste ~

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  1. I'm a mom of four as well and I'm in the learning stages of taking care of myself. Other then you being in pain right now, this was a wonderful post. Feel better soon.

    Namaste ~ Wendy



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