Monday, July 28, 2014

Santa Cruzin ~ A trip for Two

A week ago me and my husband embarked on a kid free adventure to one of my favorite cities along the coast Santa Cruz, C.A. Every time we visit I have a strong pull in my heart that we should be living here. The locals are so laid back and friendly and the atmosphere frees my gypsy spirit in ways I cannot describe. If  ever we could make this move I would not give it a second thought, until then a small travel we must endure.

Our adventure started off with us finding a place to stay overnight. Summer is Santa Cruz's hot season so finding a hotel near the boardwalk was not possible unless you have $295.00 per night for a little shanty hotel or motel. We ended up having a lovely overnight stay at Double Tree Hotel In Pruneyard Plaza about a 35 minute drive away from the boardwalk for a decent $99.00 on a Friday night.

 The entrance to the hotel.

Fresh cookies upon arrival, I couldn't  enjoy them because I have a slight walnut allergy, good thing they were labeled. A quick pic of our hotel room.

After we settled in we decided to drive down to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, and enjoy the night life. We went on a few rides and enjoyed the Free Friday Night Bands on the Beach, an 80's group named FIXX was playing. They sing "one thing leads to another", and "saved by zero". We strolled the boardwalk and ended our night with dinner at  El Hermoso Mar  a Mexican restaurant located across the street from the arcade.

The next day the sun was shining birds were singing and we headed back down to the boardwalk. There is truly a different atmosphere during day and night.

 The lines were pretty long on Sunday quite a few events were going on. We did hop on a few rides and played pool in Neptune's Kingdom.

Instead of waiting in lines for our favorite thrill rides we took to the sand with a lovely breezy beach stroll from the end of the boardwalk to the Wharf.

View from the Wharf.

Seagull posing for the photo.

The sea lions basking in the sun.

No sailing  this time around but this is on my list of things to do.

Cowell Beach parking on the Wharf, vintage beach ride.

We watched a little bit of the Volleyball tournament and enjoyed Reggae music in the distance before we headed out to take the long drive home. There is so much more about this place we enjoyed and don't have photo's because in those moments they were thoroughly enjoyed without the phone out to snap memories.

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