Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Mid August Folly

To a Visitor it would seem 
Autumn has made her arrival
A true mask of deception

Crisp russet yellowed leaves
Litter the expanse of the lawn
Mixed with needles of fir & cones of pine

Blue sky is a dusky cloud
Dry Saharan dust
An illusion of overcast cooler breezes

100 heat dissipates the mosquitos
No longer being a meal as I venture out
Delights me so

Tis this Texas Summer without rain!

Monday, July 22, 2019

Houston's Graffiti Park

This post is a long time overdue. I initially wanted to post these photos with the respected artist credit under each piece but cannot find the time to do so. We visited Houston's Graffiti park on St. Patrick's Day 2019 on a mission to do a Sweet 16 photo shoot for our daughter. Photo shoots of all types, Quinces, graduation and even videos were being shot there.

 If you would like to experience this outdoor art gallery for yourself it's located at
 2102 Leeland St, Houston, TX 77003.

P.S. If you use any of these photos in your content please give credit to Gypsy Spirit Rising, and a link back  would be appreciated. 

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Brain Swirl at Sunrise

It's sunrise on a Saturday morning. Fowl, insects, birds, nature in the trees are humming their tune welcoming a new day. There is a buzzing in my brain contemplating many aspects at rapid speed as I wait for my Bullet Proof coffee to brew.
Is this year half over or half begun? Many social media quotes have been popping up with this reminder. My mind wants to start planning, making multiple list for the future. School will be starting up again the last week of August which is next month. I have two teenage  daughters finally going to the same High School, {L} a Freshman, {E} a Junior. My little man {M}will be in the 3rd grade. {S} my adult son who lives in California has a job working with his uncle. Where has the time gone?

Before school starts up again we will take an epic road trip with our family and extended family on our bus. Gran Abuela, Abuela & Abuelo, us grown children, and our children,(who reside in Texas) will share stories and make memories that will span the 4 generations into the next. I miss our West Coast beaches, but I am promised white sugar sand , and emerald waters. Living in the West all my life, then moving to the South, we are traveling to the East Coast. There will be some Cajun bayou fun in the mix as well.

The garden is coming along as best it can. The heat, soil, and water are iffy components, but some crops have survived and thrived. I've harvested and enjoyed tomatillos, tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, strawberries, and onions. Herbs are picked as needed, garlic and ginger as well. I may continue a late summer crop, I need to amend and rework some beds. As time goes by so will my experience and knowledge of the seasons out here. Many adventures are ahead and I look forward to sharing them with y'all.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Days In The Garden ~ Buzz & Bloom

The garden is buzzing & blooming! This space is turning into a sanctuary and meditation zone for me as I care and water our truly organic food source. My thoughts tend to wander out here and the sun is not the only warmth I feel as gratitude sinks all the way to my bones. As I write this summer break has officially commenced at Celestial Pines Homestead, let the fun begin!

 We have a small cabbage patch which brings to mind my childhood in the 80's. I had a doll which was named after my Nonni Charlotte, unfortunately I no longer have neither.

 Pungent onion blooms bring about sweet nectar to the pollinators so I shall leave them to feed then drop for crop regeneration. ~ Texas Gold Onions ~
 Store bought potatoes with eyes dropped in dirt produce lovely plants. Having to hill them ever so often brings about laughter as "The hills have eyes"! I spy with my little eye two yellow spiders and a grasshopper.
 Busy busy buzzy bee. I love the hard work and dedication mother nature assist me in the care for this garden space we share. ~ Cucumber Bloom ~
 My first Straight 8 cucumber. There are many spiny tiny baby cucumbers emerging along the vines.
 Baby sugar pie pumpkin blooms. These are struggling along, everytime I see a small fruit ball forming it is quickly dropped the next day. I may need to plant a pumpkin patch elsewhere.
 Holy tomatillos , salsa verde anyone? These were grown from sliced fruit put into soil. The lanterns have tiny tomas growing inside.
 Up close of a 12 Spotted Skimmer blending into the landscape of natural habitat. Pinecones are removed from the garden beds daily due to the variety pines on the property.
Wild view of the garden. The Hubby weedeated on Monday and it looks alot better, but here's the untamed version. Excuse the ladder, the Hubby also put galvanized sheet metal on the storage roof.
Dear garden orb weaver your are "MAGNIFICENT", I thank you for keeping the plant eaters and munchers away. These spider are also found on or front windows and keep the mosquitos at bay. 



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