Thursday, August 26, 2021

Evolution of Change

 Transformation, the necessary shifts to become new or experience a re-birth. The butterfly and the many metamorphic changes to gain your wings comes to mind. On my personal soul journey I have recently been taking blows from the Universe. My social media identity and online presence has taken a hit. Gypsy is deemed a slur across the board and "Gypsy Spirit Rising" has been my self expression for years. Alas I had been advised to change my branding or be banned from some social media outlets I enjoy. Another deep taking away from my soul is the fact I will not be able to work the Texas Renaissance Festival this year due to mandatory vaccination and new regulation for us Rennies running the show. This will be the first time in 3 years since I've not worked fall weekends.

So what shall this Gypsy whose spirit has risen to a higher plane of existence do? I'm walking the plank and diving off the deep end. And as the water hits my face and my whole body immerses into the water, I swim deeper into the abyss. My eyes open and I ponder all that lies beneath the surface and discover the cleansing and quenching of water for this Summer has burned me with it's fire. Emerging back to surface as my higher self into Dreamy Boheme. Will you continue this journey with me? Same soul, but elevated spirit. Welcome to Dreamy Boheme's Into the Mystic .

Some found nature while tending to my gardens.

Thursday, May 13, 2021

In The Red - Just a Touch

Since Spring has arrived we've been busy sprucing up the place and making the small repairs that we can . This home is a never ending project or should we say journey. The back steps definitely needed a little tlc. Finally got my hands on the red paint that is always out of stock.


We put up new Mariner porch lights for both the front and back porch. The steps are painted Phoenix Fossil and the doors are Colonial Red. Blocking the doggy door was a must so the wildlife wouldn't use it as well . Imagine raccoons, squirrels, rabbits, rats and such just chilling in there. They do eat the dog food out the bowls already.

 We have been integrating more red into the decor within and without in 2021. Seems to be the new power punch of color, now if we could just bring more luck with it!

Literally wore out the welcome mat. A lil red revival to go with the Rosemary & Lavender.

  Hard to believe in two weeks it will be summer vacation for the kids. Time to make a summery vibe wreath to put on the door, even though I'm quite proud of my Eastery Hydrangeas wreath crafted on a whim for the season.

Hoping to stay tuned and in touch at Celestial Pines Sanctuary with a Gypsy Spirit Rising.

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Spring & Simplicity

Pink Ladies 


Opuntia Nopales


Flora enhancements for the Zen Garden

End of the zen path

Future Tea Time 

April is almost over and May is on it's heels. One more month of school left and simplicity will rule the day (hopefully). We have a Senior graduating this year and she just turned 18, we are full in the moments of milestones. In love am I with Spring this year, all that buzzes and blooms. Two gardens are simultaneously emerging. I'm kept productive as official keeper of the sanctuary( that sounds more soul fulfilling than housewife) for I care and tend to what lives within and outdoors.
                                                    Cheers to the emergence of life's blooming.

Friday, January 15, 2021

Winter Wishes and Snow Kisses

 The New Year brings with it , without fail my return around the sun. This year marks 41. The night was celebrated with the in home tribe. {L} made my beautiful birthday cake, and there were presents. Wishes were made on my candles, first for my family, health, wealth, and happiness. The second was universal peace and prosperity. PROSPERITY being my word for 2021. 

{L} & I

At Christmas time I made wishes as well. One of them was  for snow on Christmas morning. That did not happen and not very likely when you live in the Coastal Plains of Texas. But there are blips and flukes every once in awhile. I had experienced Texas snow our first winter here in 2017. And this past Sunday it happened , my very belated Christmas wish. We had an amazing snow day!

So here we are two weeks into the new year, and honestly it feels like two months. With so much uncertainty we take it day by day. And I loft around (actually I'm busy bee-ing all day) with music filling the air, daydreaming. You must get caught in those daydreams and truly feel it, if not how can you manifest what you desire. Yeah my heads  in the clouds and my feet planted on shaking ground, but onward and upward. Blessings toward your Winter Wishes coming true.

Thursday, December 31, 2020

December's Song

 The month has dwindled down to the last hours of the year. Weather wise we are heading into a wet  end of the year. New Years plans are to cozy up and watch the ball drop at midnight, and hell yes we plan on yelling Jumanji! Oh what a year it has been. Resilience & perseverance have been the key words in my mind to describe this years journeys. Here is the rhyme & reason to our December's Song.


{M} was required to write a letter to Santa as one of his assignments. Needless to say when he read it out loud in class quite a few fellow students were offended at his ending statement. My children learned about the truth a few years back when we had fallen on really hard times. They were more mad that we had fibbed every time when asked about Santa, Easter Bunny, and etc. But this right here is a letter of hope from a 10 year old boys heart.


This mini over the kitchen table chandelier was inspired by a grand chandelier in Whimsy's Muse shop at the Texas Renaissance Festival where I work seasonally. Mine was made with grapevines from the yard and Dollar Tree accoutrements. Thinking about doing this for other holidays and seasons.

Holly Fairy wings. I originally made these to wear as part of my Christmas garb the last day of work but it was too cold and I needed to cloak up which would make wing wear impossible. These are Tink wings from the Dollar Store which I bent into holly leaves, painted with Christmas Green acrylic, and attached sparkly red ball ornaments as berries. Displayed on one of my dream catchers.

Bath soaks for Solstice and gift giving. Himalayan sea salt, lavender from the garden and crushed rose petals from roses given as gifts throughout the year on romance occasions. I did a limpia bath soak in this on Winter Solstice.

Love & Luck Bath Soaks


This year I made gingerbread and royal icing from scratch using a Pioneer Woman recipe. The kids prefer we do it the old school way next year, which is graham crackers and frosting from a jar. Some made houses, some made spouses, a plane was made for good measure.


Welcome Winter Solstice & Merry Yule. May we open our doors to a new season of change, sweep out the old and welcome the new beginnings that hibernate in the cold dark days of Winter.

Our Halloween  pumpkin from the porch has finally been made into celebratory food offerings. Pumpkin pies, breads, and soup was made.

So much puree, we had to bag up for the freezer for future meals.

Pumpkin Puree Face Masks are a must.

Our decaying fruit in the house was dried out.

Pinecones were slathered in peanut butter and strung up in the trees for the birds.

I spied some squirrels enjoying them as well.

Solstice Fire. Flickers become flames and the light shall illuminate. Hope quote for 2021.

This is the best picture we could get of the Saturn / Jupiter conjunction to create The Christmas Star.

{M} however captured an amazing picture of the moon.


On Christmas Eve we drove to College Station Texas and walked through Stephen C. Beachy Central Park. There is an option to drive through but we braved the 45 degree weather by foot. Many different light displays to behold. When we got home, the kids were sent to bed or at least their bedrooms, and the Renaissance Man and I put on "It's A Wonderful Life", while we did our "Santa" duties.


Christmas morning was spent opening gifts. The greatest gift this year is having a full nest at the moment.  Our family is healthy and thriving, that is all my heart can ask for. I do have a Universal wish for Peace & Prosperity for this upcoming year. As I write this last post of 2020 I'm grateful we still gather as a blogging collective to continue to share our lives, I'm sending love & light to you all.