Friday, July 8, 2022

Summertime Simmer

We are simmering back into the daily routine of summertime days. Coming off the tail wind of a summer road trip back home to Cali. Future travel photos ahead. This morning's early chores included topping of the herbs for bushier growth. The garden needs to be reseeded due to lack of watering while away and rabbits entering the garden and enjoying our crops. Skirting the storage shed is a must, thats how they are entering under. There are so many home improvement projects which we will gladly do for we are staying in Texas for a long haul.


I've switched to a vegan diet ( more on that later) and chopped mixed fruit salads are so cooling in this heat. The compost is a beautiful mix in itself. Just catching up here on this space. I was gifted a new computer and I'm learning the ease of operation on it. So far so good. I'm at that stage where all my electronics have hit that planned opulence. Remember the movie The Brave Little Toaster?

Saturday, May 14, 2022

Into the Zen

Spring has sprung at the Sanctuary. The humidity has arrived so it's more like summertime heat. Morning house chores are done quicker so the gardens can get watered before the sun is on full beam. The Zen Garden has taken shape over the years, I walk it daily in meditation and listen to how it wants to take shape. We add plant rescues here and there, put in a few flowers for a pop of color. After strolling and watering , I like to do a bit of hammock reading. The wildlife and I just chill out, for we are one in this space.

Thursday, February 3, 2022


I found my word for the year in a different approach than I usually do. I pulled all 26 major arcana cards from The Intuitive Night Goddess Tarot deck held them in my hands and gathered energy. The word came to me before I pulled the card...reclamation. I still shuffled and pulled a card, and there she was (traditionally the devil card) renamed Reclamation. The insight before the insight left me all tingly, I felt this last year I had lost my power.


the process of claiming something back or of reasserting a right.

We are already into the second month of the year, and I finally got around to this sharing. January has been busy. We have been working on small indoor repairs and painting. There's a long to do list to get to but once that is done we will be on a more even keel, or a bunch of something else's will pop up. An attitude of gratitude to insert here for we have things to take care of. A new year and new opportunities ahead. If you would like to share your word of the year drop it below.

Thursday, January 6, 2022

Forever 21 Twice & January's Intro

Hello January, welcome 2022 and winter... sort of. The last day of 2021 was spend shopping for essentials due to the fact everything federal including Aldi's grocery would be closed on New Years Day. Stayed up to watch the ball drop, which glitched on tv at count down time but was brought in with fireworks and gunfire from the the neighbors promptly at midnight. Then off to bed we were 20 minutes later. The next day was an early morning yard work day prepping for the cold snap that would arrive the next day. We were sweating in shorts and tank tops while covering pipes and weather proofing the garden. Still experiencing spring days with cold snap nights. But I'm not complaining, these days in the yard are glorious.

My new outdoor boots I received for Christmas from my Renaissance man. Will be rocking them when it actually gets colder, they are super fuzzy and fur lined all the way down.

Lets all have a laugh at the tiny greenhouse I purchased on amazon for my plants pictured in the back. Realizing it was not adequate for all plant coverage, the husband quickly propped up an old shade tent and covered it with tarp.  

The kitchen always has something green growing on. Garlic bulbs were sprouting so I transplanted to soil and will transplant again later. I'm thinking of experimenting with growing sprouts and microgreens while outdoor grows are limited.

The second day of the year brought about me being forever 21 twice. This is also when Winter arrived with it's 38 Degrees for the high. Cozy inside with family, cake, and gifts was how I spent it. {L} made my cake and decorated in pink and gold around the house. Can you see in my eyes the manifesting for the year.

We don't take down the Christmas tree until after my birthday because it then becomes a birthday tree. The night was spent cozied up catching up to the drama of The Sweet Magnolia's in book 6 of the series and drinking some bubbly lemonade tea (still sober). Cheers to the New Year all my blogging friends! I truly deeply appeciate you sticking around with me for another year and many adventures.

Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Walking A Non Winter Wonderland

Texas is full blown into  spring/fall combo so to say. All week is 82 degrees across the board. Our garden is filled with pollinators first food such as dandelions, henbit, and other hodgepodge of edible lawn. I wore shorts and a tank top today and its the very end of December! In California I would never, but were not there Toto ... Apparently winter will officially arrive on my birthday in the New Year. I received some amazing outdoor work boots that are fur lined and rubber bottomed from my Renaissance Man that I cant wait to wear. A quick greenhouse amazon purchase was made so I won't lose my plants to overnight freeze points. It doesn't stay cold here to long unless the snow fluke happens again like last year....yikes! Here's some garden photos taken after fresh rain on our 80 degree days.

The last whispers of 2021 are breezing through, please 2022 be good to the world.

Thursday, August 26, 2021

Evolution of Change

 Transformation, the necessary shifts to become new or experience a re-birth. The butterfly and the many metamorphic changes to gain your wings comes to mind. On my personal soul journey I have recently been taking blows from the Universe. My social media identity and online presence has taken a hit. Gypsy is deemed a slur across the board and "Gypsy Spirit Rising" has been my self expression for years. Alas I had been advised to change my branding or be banned from some social media outlets I enjoy. Another deep taking away from my soul is the fact I will not be able to work the Texas Renaissance Festival this year due to mandatory vaccination and new regulation for us Rennies running the show. This will be the first time in 3 years since I've not worked fall weekends.

So what shall this Gypsy whose spirit has risen to a higher plane of existence do? I'm walking the plank and diving off the deep end. And as the water hits my face and my whole body immerses into the water, I swim deeper into the abyss. My eyes open and I ponder all that lies beneath the surface and discover the cleansing and quenching of water for this Summer has burned me with it's fire. Emerging back to surface as my higher self into Dreamy Boheme. Will you continue this journey with me? Same soul, but elevated spirit. Welcome to Dreamy Boheme's Into the Mystic .

Some found nature while tending to my gardens.

Thursday, May 13, 2021

In The Red - Just a Touch

Since Spring has arrived we've been busy sprucing up the place and making the small repairs that we can . This home is a never ending project or should we say journey. The back steps definitely needed a little tlc. Finally got my hands on the red paint that is always out of stock.


We put up new Mariner porch lights for both the front and back porch. The steps are painted Phoenix Fossil and the doors are Colonial Red. Blocking the doggy door was a must so the wildlife wouldn't use it as well . Imagine raccoons, squirrels, rabbits, rats and such just chilling in there. They do eat the dog food out the bowls already.

 We have been integrating more red into the decor within and without in 2021. Seems to be the new power punch of color, now if we could just bring more luck with it!

Literally wore out the welcome mat. A lil red revival to go with the Rosemary & Lavender.

  Hard to believe in two weeks it will be summer vacation for the kids. Time to make a summery vibe wreath to put on the door, even though I'm quite proud of my Eastery Hydrangeas wreath crafted on a whim for the season.

Hoping to stay tuned and in touch at Celestial Pines Sanctuary with a Gypsy Spirit Rising.

Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Spring & Simplicity

Pink Ladies 


Opuntia Nopales


Flora enhancements for the Zen Garden

End of the zen path

Future Tea Time 

April is almost over and May is on it's heels. One more month of school left and simplicity will rule the day (hopefully). We have a Senior graduating this year and she just turned 18, we are full in the moments of milestones. In love am I with Spring this year, all that buzzes and blooms. Two gardens are simultaneously emerging. I'm kept productive as official keeper of the sanctuary( that sounds more soul fulfilling than housewife) for I care and tend to what lives within and outdoors.
                                                    Cheers to the emergence of life's blooming.

Friday, January 15, 2021

Winter Wishes and Snow Kisses

 The New Year brings with it , without fail my return around the sun. This year marks 41. The night was celebrated with the in home tribe. {L} made my beautiful birthday cake, and there were presents. Wishes were made on my candles, first for my family, health, wealth, and happiness. The second was universal peace and prosperity. PROSPERITY being my word for 2021. 

{L} & I

At Christmas time I made wishes as well. One of them was  for snow on Christmas morning. That did not happen and not very likely when you live in the Coastal Plains of Texas. But there are blips and flukes every once in awhile. I had experienced Texas snow our first winter here in 2017. And this past Sunday it happened , my very belated Christmas wish. We had an amazing snow day!

So here we are two weeks into the new year, and honestly it feels like two months. With so much uncertainty we take it day by day. And I loft around (actually I'm busy bee-ing all day) with music filling the air, daydreaming. You must get caught in those daydreams and truly feel it, if not how can you manifest what you desire. Yeah my heads  in the clouds and my feet planted on shaking ground, but onward and upward. Blessings toward your Winter Wishes coming true.