Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Thought & Emotion

The wind bustling through my woods sounds like the rolling of ocean waves. Which brings up the emotion of missing home something fierce. We took for granted the ability to take a daytrip to the coast , or the closeness of everything for that matter. My heart yearned to seek solace and escape to country living... and that is what we got. Yet still my heart is all over the place,  I'm a true Capricorn with a gypsy soul! So I do declare on this day this statement of my life:

I Escaped the Ghetto
   And Retreat To the Woods 
To Retire At the Beach 

Adjusting is hard for all of us as of late. Ruminating over all we've ever known or experienced all our lives thus far has left me feeling some days if I had made the right decision to uproot the family. I know my reasoning's are just, but damned if I don't put myself in a vortex of doubt and sorrow. So onward we must go with our choice of change. And it's not all tears everyday, we have come to the conclusion that once we put our mark, essence, and magic into the homestead it will feel more like home. Since we have moved into the house a little over a year ago we have projects needed to be finished indoors and out. Time and money {that lovely pair} are what's needed to get the ball rolling again. It was 70 degrees this morning at 6:00 a.m., Spring in Texas is just around the corner. Time to jot all the to- do's down so they can grow into fruition. Lets see what sprouts!

P.S. I'm feeling lifted now that I released my true feelings out.


  1. I can see why you have doubts and uneasy feelings because you not only change areas, but changed states as well. That is a big move. But I think you are doing a great job adjusting to your new home. Just keep creating and doing the projects you so love to do, and it will feel like home. You have many years ahead of you, and you can always move back to California if that makes you happy too. You have options, and you are free. That is the most wonderful feeling of all. You have a good heart and deep love for your family, and I know you will shine, living in the country or living by the ocean. I am faced with a similar situation. Move to So Cal, where my girls will eventually be, or stay in Nor Cal where my siblings, friends, and son and everything familiar to me is. The good thing is, my son would move also, as he loves the family. Oh, the decisions we have to make, Holly. Whatever you decide, you'll be ok, cause your family has a strong sense of togetherness. : )


  2. It sometimes can be hard when you're so land-locked in Texas but the good news is that there is still beauty all around us. I live in suburb of Dallas. Maybe a trip to Galveston or Corpus could lift the spirits?

  3. Relocations are hard, even when we get exactly what we wanted. As you say, things will get better when the house starts to feel more like home. And when you get lots and lots of time in your garden

  4. It must be hard on all of you, but remember, you have each other! Big Hugs!



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