Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Powwow with My Inner Guide

Today I was drawn  into a meditation by Dr. Mary Pritchard during the Soul Driven Success SummitAfter my meditation I decided to write about my experience. Music helps my brain in numerous ways so I went to seek some tunes to set the tone. I was shocked to hear new music on Pandora I hadn't heard before and was even more amazed that the symbol I received in my meditation was also on the album cover. Coincidence.....I think not.The meditation guides you to take deep breaths and mentally travel to the warm heart centered place were your Goddess, spirit guide, or higher self resides. So here is the story of my recent travel.

As I slowly tiptoe to the warm glow that is awaiting me in the teepee, I stop and stare up at the full moon and appreciate the glow that illuminates my flesh. The breeze whispers "woman who glows in the dark". Inside the teepee Spider Woman waits for me to join here around the fire. Spider Woman has been with me since I was 2 years old, and visit me in all stages of maiden, mother, and crone. Once I enter the teepee the flames ignite and burn brighter than before. Now is the time of asking. "What is my purpose here on earth", I ask because I'm still trying to figure out my soul mission. "You already know", she hisses and stares so deep into my eyes that a warm buzzing is felt in my brain and heart. The flames die down and then comes the smoke. In the smoke is a symbol that looks like a v with horns coming from the middle.

Coming out of the meditation I was confused with what this symbol represents. First google searches had me confused. I went next to Pinterest and typed in symbols with a description and boom it popped right up! Now let me tell you what brings the light to my eyes and what brings me joy. I love to work with earth, create, and heal! So now as I reveal the sigil to you it shall give you a glimpse of what is to come in this new year.

Side Note: Due to my bipolar depression I have been experiencing many dark nights of the soul. I have been in slumber rest mode since Christmas but believe I'm waking up again and moving forward. Love and light to all who know exactly what this means.


  1. You have such a special purpose on this earth, my darling friend. And you are loved by the five great people in your life who share your teepee every day. :) I have to tell you that this picture of you on the side bar is stunning, and your light and love definitely shine through when looking at it.

    I hope the new year is being kind to you and much goodness comes your way, Holly.


  2. That is an awesome meditation, thank you for sharing. I'm sorry you've had dark days, it seems to be a common thing among many of my friends lately and even myself. I really hope you come out of this swing and can do all the things you love! *hugs* Light and healing vibes to you.

  3. Thank you for sharing this personal moment with us. Meditation is such a great way to find the self--in light and dark--especially when our life is in turmoil.

    I'm so glad you are coming out for a breather...

  4. Thank you for sharing, I really enjoyed this as I too am trying to find my purpose! Many blessings to you this new year as I'm sure much more will be revealed <3

    Freya Rose

  5. Good for you! Thank you for sharing this with us! I love meditation and use it everyday! Even before I fall asleep! When you truly listen to spirit, spirit will guide you! Believe you me, it can be so hard, but when we go without fear, we can do anything! I am so happy you are waking up again and moving forward! Sending big hugs and much love!

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    1. Good morning Holly. I just saw your comment on my blog from Jan. 11, sorry I didn't see it before. Actually I check for comments every couple of days but it didn't show up until today.
      I wanted to connect as I feel you (and many other women) are sharing something I am currently going through which I don't quite understand. Florida sun is too bright lately. I am closing off the light from all windows making it dark and cozy inside, lighting up only beeswax candles and Himalayan salt lamps, and only then do I feel ok to move about. I am home all day. I am not depressed, I don't believe so. I've always loved the sun but somehow the sun lately is not only offensive and glaring to my sight, it is offensive to my energy, almost as if it has changed and is no longer good for me, so I shut it out. Odd. I know most interpret this as depression etc, but I dont' feel depressed at all. I've been wanting to be in a cave that is totally privately and intimately me, with no offensive glaring sun, gently lit with glowing candle fire and crystals and salt lamps is perfect. I love cooking by candlelight. It feels nurturing. Thoughts?
      Deep blessings, to you. Serena



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