Thursday, January 26, 2017

Gratitude & Garbage Bags

I  woke up this morning my head all a mess and my mind depressed. One week into the new presidency and oh shit! This dicktator is already shaking the stability of America. My mind is going a mile a minute thinking of the millions ways I can protect and provide for my tribe because the way of life as we known it is changing rapidly. I commend Governor Jerry Brown on his recent stand up for all Californians even though it means the government will not give our state funds if we do not comply to the rules and demands of the new legislation. And yes I know this affects all of the United States, I'm a soul rebel who feels for the world in whole.

Besides the outer world mental interference I'm going about my home life with gratitude in my heart. We are all well and have everything we need at our finger tips. There is excess that I like to tidy up and donate as the seasons change and children grow. My mode of donating was boxing it up and dropping it off at a local Goodwill. A thought hit me hard and changed my mind this morning. I live in the ghetto, poverty is just around the corner literally. As I drive my children to school you will see tent city after tent city, under the over passes, on the bike trail,  lost souls generally roaming around. The people in immediate need of my goods are right there in front of me and are a part of our community. Today is a call to action and tomorrow is a call to service.

The teens get a day off from school tomorrow and instead of going to the movies we will be dropping off the bags of clothes, blankets, and other goods we gather today to those not so far away who are freezing and in need of the basics . Even if we run the risk of getting ticketed by Sac P.D. we are going to do what is an act of humanity because all lives matter. How can we make this small spark spread into a wildfire that illuminates instead of scorches? I pledge to do what I can, how about you?



  1. There is a part of me that wants this political mess to just be a dream, but its not, and I'm starting to wonder about ways to protect my tribe as well. And despite all the physical troubles I am facing right now, I do feel that warm thread of gratitude. A lot of it is over the little things, but there are a lot of big things too. Strange how one can be miserable in one way and grateful in others.

    Recently we rounded up and donated scarves, clothing, and blankets to the homeless here in Spokane. the Food Truck Association that one of my friends is apart of was holding a clothing and blanket drive with a free warm meal for the homeless. We missed the first round of it, but we made sure to catch the second one. Toiletries for women are big necessity. I see the homeless curled up or huddled together on the sidewalks under the bridges when I take Amanda to work. Some hang out in the park but are chased away by the police. I'm just like, leave them alone, they are just sleeping. You know it wouldn't take too much for you to be in their position. I think a lot of people forget that and it is sad.

  2. Good for you Holly!! I'm proud of you! I know I live in Canada, but I am with all of my American friends in spirit! You are right, this is affecting the entire world! I love Magaly's poem! Big Hugs!

  3. I love this Holly! What a great thing to teach your children!

  4. Holly, I think that's great that you're thinking of others just right around the corner from you. I just dropped off a bag and a nice picture frame to Goodwill this week. You are a special soul with a strong compassion for those less fortunate, and that usually comes when one has had to go without herself. I had very little money when the kids were small, and had to make do so much of the time. Through the years, it got better and husband made more money, but you always have that mentality to be frugal and watch your pennies.

    How can we make this small spark spread into a wildfire that illuminates instead of scorches?.....your writing was eloquent and very touching today.


  5. Dicktator, LOVING that description! *LMAO* Us Empaths are feeling such internal turmoil right now as all of Humanity seems on the Verge. Your Call to Action is commendable, I spent many years in Food and Street Ministry Work and it is so rewarding. If it were not for Full Time Caregiving for the Disabled in my immediate Family having to take a priority in recent years I'd still be doing it as it is a definite Calling upon me to try to make a small difference to those marginalized by Society. God Bless you richly my Friend, as I know He will... Dawn... The Bohemian

  6. There is so much we can do. And like you suggest, offering a hand (better if it has food and blankets in it) to our neighbors in need is a great start. We also need to get informed, spread substantial news, show the bastard that we won't let him rape America while pretending that she likes it.

  7. I hear you! I can't believe this nation voted in this idiot!

  8. Hello Holly, and thank you again for commenting. You mentioned a word I'd never heard before, "hygge", and I looked it up and was transported into worlds that understood me better then I was able to express, thanks to the english language. Imagine, one word that says so much, thank you! :D I will joyfully take that journey further.
    I do not have cold weather to hide from I have humid heat to hide from, and my "hugge time" will also be far more than moments, it is more like a my new lifestyle.

  9. I like the way you speak of your "tribe" and I understand the need to protect them. At this point in time, when so many of the people I feel belong to my tribe, but live a million miles away, across the ocean - I feel a desperate need to protect YOU guys. I think about you all every day, I am here for you <3



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