Thursday, December 22, 2016

Our Rescue Rico

The search for a new fur baby was sparked by the kind heart of a local realtor paying for all adoption fees for the animals at the Front St. Animal Shelter. One rainy Saturday we piled everyone into the truck and headed Downtown. We were not the only family looking and did not find the right dog there. We tried three more shelters around town and still ended going home empty handed. Maybe it wasn't meant to be.

A few weeks went by and another rain day came. The Renaissance man ended up staying home from work so we went  to the mall to do some shopping and decided over holiday coffee to give the Front St Shelter another look. Still no luck in finding a pooch. After picking up the little's from school we decided to go check out  Bradshaw Animal Shelter.

We looked at many dogs, and this is very hard because when you walk by them they give you sad eyes when you walk away. A curious dog looked out the window and his tail started wagging as my son pressed his face against the window. As my daughter walked by  he followed her gaze looking back and forth between the children. As a prospective match there is a room in which you go into  with the dog to bond and see his temperament.

Once out of his room the dog became timid and shy. Walking near him he was nervous around  shoes and fast movements, this guy had it rough before and his previous owner wasn't so kind. Was I willing to take a skittish stray with an unknown past home? I debated and even after finding out he was on meds for kennel cough we made the decision to open our hearts and home.

We made the dangerous rainy drive home without incident and the dog fell asleep in my daughters arms. Once we got home it was time to see how Chico would receive another dog into the home. One of my fears of bringing a new dog home was the fact that we had presents around a tree inside. First thing that dog does is pee on the tree and a few packages had to be rewrapped. Thank goodness that was the one and only time. We named our new dog Rico. Yes that's Chico & Rico.

Now the story takes a twist and Rico almost goes back to the shelter the next day.

Being fresh out of the shelter Rico smelled foul. Giving the dog a full bath wasn't possible because he was recently neutered. So we purchased wipes and a coat spray. No matter what we did the dog smelled like skunk. That night there was barely any sleep and it was determined he needed to be returned because the smell wasn't bearable. I dreaded the next morning. It was hard for me to face the children and let them know we couldn't keep him. The shelter didn't open till 12:30 p.m which was probably his saving grace. A trot outside resulted in the dogs finally playing and Rico taking a pent up poo. 

After play and relieving himself he didn't smell as bad. Further research lead me to the knowledge that Cairn Terriers have oily coats and when it gets clogged and trapped in it's coarse hair it smells. I just couldn't go through returning him, we bonded that afternoon. When everybody came home from school  they were ecstatic that my heart wouldn't allow him to go back. It's been a week now since Rico is a part of the family and he's turned out to be a pretty awesome dog. Our Christmas wish was answered and I believe his was too.


  1. I'm so happy Rico gets to stay. I'm sure Chico is as joyous as you all are. Yay! for happy tails.

  2. Aww! How strange that there was that strong a smell. I had a rat terrier...the best thing about him was that you never had to bathe him and he still didn't smell. I guess he never had a pent-up poo!

  3. Awww, I am so glad that you have him and he's a good fit! <3

  4. I'm so glad you kept him and he is settling in! What a lovely xmas family addition <3

  5. I love Rico!!! I am so happy everything worked out!! Now Chico has a friend!!! A Christmas wish granted! Merry Christmas!

  6. Wonderful! That is a beautiful fur baby story - and it's always hard and a bit scary bringing a new four legged member into the family but in the end, when it turns out like this, it just makes me so happy! Yay for Chico and Rico!

  7. What a cute story, Holly. And Rico's sure a cutie. I bet the kids are thrilled to have him. A great new years present for them. :)

    love, ~Sheri



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