Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Solstice Salutations

Season's Greetings from Casa Sol y Luna. Despite the many pin boards I made on Pinterest to find my decorating style this year I didn't end up needing them at all. Classic red, greens , and golds made the scene this year.

 We purchased our tree from a grocery store parking lot again this year, but I'm truly thinking of buying a faux one when they go on discount after the holidays. We got pretty lucky in picking a good one since we had no idea what it looked like until we cut the binding and the tree opened up like an umbrella.

After we trimmed the tree the stockings were hung with care.  I have four beautiful children but{E} being the teen girl she is requested I do not post her pic, that's why you will rarely see her here. Even Chico hangs his stocking!

A glimpse this may be into our festivities because I have truly been very busy with life in general.There has been plenty of baking , making, and planning for the new year that is quickly approaching. Today marks Winter Break for the whole tribe (except the Renaissance man) so hopefully I will post more often.  I wish you the Brightest Blessings on this Winter Solstice.


  1. The best decorations (and festivities) are most often unplanned. Happiest Winter Solstice, my dear Holly!

  2. Your Christmas tree is very pretty, Holly, and there's nothing like seeing children decorate it. wow, for not knowing what it looked like, you sure picked out a great looking one. Your living room looks cozy and welcoming. Enjoy the kids on winter break, and have fun baking!

    love, ~Sheri

    by the way, love that picture of you on your side bar. :) May you have a bright new year, Holly.

  3. Your house looks wonderful and very festive! I've been on pinterest but I didn't truly get to looking at holiday decorating this year. :) I hope you had a wonderful Solstice- I am just about to read that blog.

  4. I love your photos!!! Your house looks fantastic! You have a beautiful family! Happy Winter Solstice! Big Hugs!



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