Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Kitchen Reveal

The kitchen has officially been done since last weekend but Iv'e been busy with my hands in many projects and wearing many hats while doing so. I love the light over the kitchen sink, to me it is a piece that reflects utensils or cheese graters.

We were going for a slight farmhouse kitchen feel. I had purchased the egg basket fruit basket at Ross. The other wire basket and flour sifter I already had on hand. Decorating mostly with things already in home really cuts down on the overall budget.The cabinets are painted in Behr Rave Raisin.

So here you are the infamous before pic.........the floor and cabinets are a flow of honey color. Avocado ceiling and fluorescent over head lighting had to go.

Taadaaa! This renovation brought us more than a new kitchen. My husband and I got away on the weekends to Home Depot dates kid free which gave us time to connect....and argue over lighting and paint. Now that the heart of the home is comfy and cozy, my focus is on holiday to do's and makes. Were into the first week of  December, remember to take sacred pauses and not get overwhelmed.

I want to take a special moment and thank all of you that take time out of your day to visit. I  want you to know I hold you all dear to my heart even if I can't make my rounds to visit your space. Brightest Blessings this Holiday Season!


  1. So in love with you kitchen, it is beautiful! I am so glad that you got some time to connect with your husband, those moments are some of the most wonderful in life. *Hugs* Happy Holidays!

  2. I believe that I am in love with your kitchen. I might have to propose soon. And steal the fruit.

  3. Holly, your kitchen looks great! Love the color of the cabinets. It's a nice contract with the countertops. A farmhouse kitchen always seems cozy and welcoming. It's wonderful that you have a kitchen window to look out. You and husband did a great job on the renovation. Now you can enjoy!

    love, ~Sheri

  4. Wow!!! Dramatic, bold and beautiful!!! LOVE!!! Great job! Merry Christmas! Big Hugs!

  5. I just showed my mom and she said well done!!!! She loves what you did and you did it well, without waisting money!!

  6. Your kitchen looks wonderful! I know you are so proud of it! :)

  7. Beautiful kitchen, you have a great taste!

  8. Amazing and Truly beautiful! Love everything – from your new kitchen,You did an amazing job. 

  9.  You really did a beautiful job! I love how bright & fresh everything looks.Congrats!



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