Monday, November 14, 2016

Under The Super Moon

Celestial Night Illumination

Morning Glow

Just stopping by blogland to share my super moon pics and update you about Casa Sol y Luna. When I said November was time to  slow down and be cozy I could not have been more wrong, but in a good way! It all started with manifesting couches which in return has had a trickle down effect to home renovations. More in depth post to follow. I hope your all doing well and in great spirits. I shall be sneaking in visits to your blogs when I can. I must sign off now and go do yard work, two days of rain is on it's way.


  1. The moon poses so lovingly for you. She must know you love her... a lot. ❤️

  2. I missed the moon last night, Holly, and I heard the last one like this came a long time ago. Your pics are pretty. Didn't know there was rain coming. I'm glad about that.


  3. Gorgeous pics! WOW!!! I saw the moon, but, I didn't see her at it's closest!