Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Out with the old ... In with the new

 So long old appliances, you've served me well. They don't look to shabby from their outer appearances but let me tell you the truth. The fridge was our first purchased fridge when we moved from an apartment to our first rented house. Over the years the condiment holders broke off, veggie bins were replaced with random plastic bins, and the over all stainage...yuck. The freezer section had many years of beverages left in overnight and explosion aftermath. Truly we are lucky it lasted 13 years. Next a gas stove that my husband acquired from my Suegra's backyard claiming it could be fixed. The thermostat was off and you had to guess the temp, it took forever to bake or burn. The stove top was missing a knob and only two burners worked. We have a saying around here "ride it till the wheels fall off".

Enter the new stove and fridge ..ohh so shiny, and they match. In my last post I wrote about how I manifested free couches and had exactly the right amount of cash to purchase these appliances on spot. Once in place, we decided it's time to do an upgrade to our kitchen. It has been 7 years since we first slapped "Crisp Autumn Leaves" paint over the wallpaper that lined the walls when we moved in.

When I say I have a cozy little kitchen, I mean it. The square footage is small but the warmth from the heart of the home is definitely felt.

We are currently here at this phase where the avocado ceiling is being painted crisp white, and the fluorescent lighting has got to go. I wouldn't budge on my wall paint color so were patching it up and slapping on a fresh coat. Good thing I'm not hosting Thanksgiving because of right now the cabinets are off the hinges and being transformed. Hint hint... I love me some chocolate!

If I don't post later on in the week I hope all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a weekend filled with leftovers & laughter.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Manifesting Couches

{ The current living room...before it gets sprinkled with holiday cheer }

In June I woke up one morning looked at my old couches and was appalled to a point that I  had the Renaissance Man take them to the dumps immediately. They have been well worn by family use and spotted on by Chico (our dog) while gone on vacation. So I had moved the kitchen set into the living room as seating, which was okay for summertime but now the chill has officially set in. It's cuddle snuggle time with blankets and Netflix so new couches are a must.

So now for the manifesting part. I took Flora Sages's five day manifesting challenge not long ago. Basically it's the magnetic thought of attracting to you what you desire and knowing without a shadow of a doubt it's on it's way. I put out to the Universe that I wanted couches for free. I waited a month and then decided it's time to go and buy new couches. We shopped and  picked out a couch set but would have to wait for them about a week delivery  if we couldn't bring them home then. I called my Dad to see if I could borrow his truck and my Stepmom said" why are you buying couches, I was going to see if you wanted my set upstairs", enter the manifestation come to fruition.

Bonus to this story! After we brought the couches home we went to Home Depot to buy leather wipes and other home supplies. While there Renaissance Man said " show me those appliances your were talking about the other day as a Black Friday sale". It was just a random thought about having new stainless steel appliances I spyed online. After showing him and explaining the current state of our stove and fridge he was sold. The total came up to the exact amount of cash I had in my pocket that was for couches earlier in the day! I'm keeping my manifesting mindset well tuned and making improvements in many aspect of my life. Put out what you wish for and wait for it, don't forget the attitude of gratitude once it appears.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Under The Super Moon

Celestial Night Illumination

Morning Glow

Just stopping by blogland to share my super moon pics and update you about Casa Sol y Luna. When I said November was time to  slow down and be cozy I could not have been more wrong, but in a good way! It all started with manifesting couches which in return has had a trickle down effect to home renovations. More in depth post to follow. I hope your all doing well and in great spirits. I shall be sneaking in visits to your blogs when I can. I must sign off now and go do yard work, two days of rain is on it's way.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

The Lush Life

After reading the title I realized there are many takes on the word lush and fortunately that type of lush living is behind me. I'm referring to the lushness that is brought on with days of equal sun and rain. The carpet of soft green grass under my feet feels so rejuvenating as I practice earthing. Mother nature is showing off  her underground wonders and providing a bounty for all of her creatures. In gratitude I take it all in and wish for the rest of November to be as luscious.

 The persimmons are ripe for the picking and this guy doesn't mind helping himself to the neighbors tree. Sometimes the branch that hangs into my yard has enough persimmons to make muffins and pudding. The birds have been pecking at the fruit lately and I find half eaten fruit on the ground going to waste.

A Wee bit of Mycology (because I'm a fungi)

Agaricus  Compestris also known as common field mushroom in it's blush stage.

 A few days passage and sun darken the gills and hardens the mushroom.

Another variety of field mushroom, more a button type. The mushrooms photographed are from my own backyard but I do not pick them just in case. 

What's blooming to the surface in your November?


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