Monday, September 28, 2015

Autumn Goodwill Hunting

Take me to the Mall and I could walk out with nothing, but a thrift store...well that's were the treasures are. Two Fridays ago instead of heading home to do the usual home stuff , I ended up at my favorite Goodwill. I did not leave empty handed this time, a Fall overhaul is more like it. Trinket boxes, jewelery, frames, flowers, basket, and vintage photography book of  San Francisco were part of the loot.

I found a whole new Fall wardrobe with a few warm season items mixed in. 3 pairs of jeans, 4 blouses, 3 tank tops, 3 t-shirts, 3 knit sweaters, 1 pair frilly boho shorts, a warm fuzzy never worn patterned sweater, and brown suede leather boots. I was in the zone!

The piece de resistance, my Halloween costume! I need a few more accessories but the bones are there. Can you tell who I'm going to reincarnate  ? Wishing you a wonderful beginning to this week. Do you still dress up for Halloween?

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

From Shells to Skulls { H.H }

Happy Fall Yall. The wheel has turned yet again when darkness slowly takes over light. I hope everyone had a blissful Summer full of activities and some nature filled getaways. I sure did have an adventurous Summer with many escapes to my favorite seaside city's in Sunny California. As I write this I'm sitting in the kitchen with a fan blowing, and I'm still in tank tops and shorts! I got a few fall pieces recently from the Goodwill (another post) that I'm patiently waiting to be able to wear.

So the season has shifted and so is my decor. The shells, sand, and coastal hues are being tucked away in favor of black, orange, purple, and greens. My mind shift towards Halloween started early due to Ms Misantropia hosting a Fall Swap and me being the recipient of  Magaly Guerrero. Thanks also to Marfi for hosting Haunted Humpday.

Inside my box was these Halloween goodies. I could smell the soap right away. So I set about decorating a little early, shall we see more?

 Cakes were made on Monday for Mabon. See anything on the menu you like? The Dollar store has an array of signs for inside and outdoors.

Look out Chico! These spiders are truly creepy, their made of metal and at night time they cast shadows as if they are slowly creeping. The skull print was also bought at Ross.

Another Dollar store find. These would cool for soap, candle, and sugar skull making.

I hope you all enjoy the Autumnal Equinox. I'm of to chop wood and carry water.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A Sprinkling of Haunted Humpday

The time has momentously arrived again to participate in Haunted Humpday hosted by the Queen of Halloween Marfi. Join us every Wednesday for a dose Halloween delights.

A lot of my friends in the blogosphere have already started decorating their abodes and crafting up some goodies, I prefer to start on Mabon/Autumnal Equinox as part of the celebration. I just learned there may be rats in my storage, so during the thorough clean out I will retrieve my hallowed possessions. Last time I cleaned it out I got rid of a lot of stuff so I see myself crafting and thrifting to get my Beach Bungalow transitioned to the Witches Cottage. Well it is a traditional witches home no matter the decor or season (wink).

I have been collecting seeds from my crops and flowers and discovered dried Snapdragon pods look a lot like little skelly heads.

 Speaking of heads this little guy is filled with lavender flowers and stitched out of material from a summer crop top. The girls were fighting over who was getting to use him so I must make more. He went to {E} who gets frequent headaches.

The first store around my area to have any decor was Michaels Craft Store. By now Halloween is up in most places. I took a photo of this apothecary set up so I can create something similar down the road.

 I wanted to buy tons of the vases and fill them around my house but I only had enough for one jar and these sticker labels for the apothecary bottles.

So I acquired these goodies at the Dollar Store. Flowers for a bouquet, a card to accompany, and the pumpkins to replace my shell collection on the t.v. stand.

I love this mix of colors, and how the whole project turned out. Created for an Autumn Swap this bouquet was sent off, but I shall make more!

It was a cold and slightly rainy Monday night . As the husband watched football in the living room,  the kiddos curled up in my bed and we watched The Monster Squad. I went to make popcorn and discovered little wiggles in the jar...ewww. Seems as though creatures are also trying to live in my domain. Next Wednesday is the official start to Fall are you ready?

P.S.  For all my fellow Mexicans
Feliz Dia de la Independencia!

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Playing In The Dirt

Sometimes routines need to be thrown to the wind or out of doors. This is how Monday morning found me. The early watering of the plants started off as usual and then the crispness of fresh air and orchestra of birds kept me from walking back to dishes, sweeping, etc. 

 I have three main garden beds which I attempt to grow in. The old tub has baby ear is sprouting. I sown in two rows of beet seeds to accompany them.

{M} no longer plays with the sandbox so I converted into a pumpkin/ broccoli grow zone. Unfortunately after peeking under the pumpkin blossom skirts they are all male.

Amended soil was mixed into the turned soil and I dropped seeds for more beets, carrots, spinach and squash. The kale is still producing as well as the tomatoes.

 All in an early mornings work, I'm definitely not a gal who minds getting her hands dirty, I love connecting with the earth in this way. This connection actually made the beginning of the week less hectic. I should just go with the flow more often.

The craft project of the day was making markers so I remember what I planted where. Popsicle's over the weekend was a must.

 Because Fall and all its rustic, glorious charms that come with reds and gold has not quite yet made a visit to my homestead "Mums the word" l.o.l. Seed packets were put into a book so I know what and when to expect sprouts breaking through the earth and time maturity is reached for harvesting. Shall I do a rain dance while I'm out enjoying the earths energy? Oh how we need some rain! How does your garden grow?

Friday, September 11, 2015

Dipped In Gold

Okay now that my blog format panic is over ( it consumed most of my morning ) I have dipped my blog in gold in tribute to this soon appending Fall Season. I cannot wait for it's arrival because I am so over this stagnant 105 plus degrees. Hope your enjoying blissful weather on your end of the globe. Now I'm off to do all those chores I was supposed to do this morning.

Just another Frantic Friday

Sorry for the wonky website today. I'm looking for a new look and well bear with me. Yes the bear with teeth and claws wide open because that is how I feel right now....................................thanks for stopping by and I hope your Friday isn't as frantic.


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