Sunday, September 13, 2015

Playing In The Dirt

Sometimes routines need to be thrown to the wind or out of doors. This is how Monday morning found me. The early watering of the plants started off as usual and then the crispness of fresh air and orchestra of birds kept me from walking back to dishes, sweeping, etc. 

 I have three main garden beds which I attempt to grow in. The old tub has baby ear is sprouting. I sown in two rows of beet seeds to accompany them.

{M} no longer plays with the sandbox so I converted into a pumpkin/ broccoli grow zone. Unfortunately after peeking under the pumpkin blossom skirts they are all male.

Amended soil was mixed into the turned soil and I dropped seeds for more beets, carrots, spinach and squash. The kale is still producing as well as the tomatoes.

 All in an early mornings work, I'm definitely not a gal who minds getting her hands dirty, I love connecting with the earth in this way. This connection actually made the beginning of the week less hectic. I should just go with the flow more often.

The craft project of the day was making markers so I remember what I planted where. Popsicle's over the weekend was a must.

 Because Fall and all its rustic, glorious charms that come with reds and gold has not quite yet made a visit to my homestead "Mums the word" l.o.l. Seed packets were put into a book so I know what and when to expect sprouts breaking through the earth and time maturity is reached for harvesting. Shall I do a rain dance while I'm out enjoying the earths energy? Oh how we need some rain! How does your garden grow?


  1. What a happy post holly:-)
    I had a huge garden!
    Year before last we had several pumpkins and the lantana was so gigantic neighbors would stop by and ask what I was feeding them.
    It was peaceful out there.
    Your garden is beautiful!
    Love how busy they keep us.
    You are so very fortunate.
    Have a wonderful Sunday!!!!
    Thank you for this.

  2. I was all grins and giggles reading this post. I love seeing your garden and your enjoyment while you show us. Sorry about all the manly pumpkin. I hope you did the rain dance and it worked.

    My garden is very small, and in containers. But I, too, enjoy the touch of the soil, the scent, the earthiness of it. My purple mums are blooming like mad and my fall daisies is about to bloom. Life is good!

  3. Holly, your garden is coming along nicely. You planted pumpkins? I can't wait to see one of their heads pop out. Our garden is slowing progressing. I've had a couple of onions and garlic come through and many ripe tomatoes, but that's about it. I think it still needs time to grow up until October. Your popsicle sticks are delightful, and I love those mums. I just saw some at the nursery when I visited a few weeks ago.

    I LOVE the picture of your hand connecting with the earth. : )


  4. You go, you green thumbed girl, you!
    Real dirt under my finger nails always makes me feel a sense of accomplishment :)
    I hope you get lots of goodies!



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