Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Corner View ~ Traditions

One of the Christmas traditions that I carry on from my childhood is  gifting my children a new ornament every year. When they grow up and leave the nest they will have ornaments to decorate their own tree. This makes me sad to know one day the ornaments that adorned the tree all these Christmas's will not be on the tree and the children will be on their own. but such is life.

I upgraded these Dollar Store stars with initials made of wire and beads. These are for my nieces and nephews, I have many of them I just photographed a few ornaments. Children will grow out of clothes and toys but hopefully these keepsakes will bring joy each year as they are pulled out to put on the tree.

 A close up of the initial and bead work. I was drawn to the metallic hues and ornate cutouts, they jingle nicely too.

Here are our ornaments ready for the tree, which we still haven't gotten around to decorating yet. The peace sign was fun and easy to make out of wire craft branches. There are so many traditions and yet so little time at the moment that I shared with you a small one. What are some of your traditions?


  1. That is a very clever way of adding to a store made decoration.

  2. I love those ornaments! And what a great tradition!

  3. I like that idea! The problem I have is that somehow my kids seem to damage a few ornmants each year, so I am always replacing mine! Heather will be continuing CV beginning Jan 20th!

  4. That is a wonderful tradition, Holly. The other day I was reading a post by Jen Rue, and she says such wonderful things about the ornaments she got from her grandparents and parents. So when you get a bit sad, just remember that regardless how much time goes by, you will be with them when they put up their tree. ♥

  5. very nice idea, I'm sure they will appreciate them for many years to come!



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