Friday, December 11, 2015

BOHO Holiday Decor

 This year I went for a real simple and budget friendly decor for my holiday home. Most of my decorations and such were purchased at the Dollar Store & Goodwill. I hope you enjoy our little bit of Christmas at Casa Sol y Luna.

These stockings are new this year. Unfortunately mice had gotten into our storage and lived in the stocking box. I picked up these burlap ones at the Dollar Store and the sparkly initials for 96 cents at Walmart. Chico (my dogson) was upset he did not have one so I must craft him a "C" when I get a chance.

My existing pillows got an upgrade. A long piece of material was wrapped Furoshiki style to create the green pillow. I wrapped a few presents this way too with scarfs, a double gift! A cute ribbon accent for a pillow I made out of a grey lace dress.

My Christmas tree skirt is also the same sari material. This V.W. bus is an early gift from my husband, I got the little red bug also (not pictured). Micheal's Craft Store has deep holiday discounts up to 70% right now just check the website for discount items and days, usually a pricey store but we got this tree for $2.99.

 The floral is left over from fall decor around the house. Baubles and reindeer from the Dollar Store. The reindeer's choker is embellishment from the sari. Sprigs from the Christmas tree were placed on shelves and jars along side scented pine cones.

 And here is our lovely Christmas tree, still haven't gotten around to decorating yet but I find beauty in it's simplicity without the ornaments which is the last element to complete the holiday magic. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Take time to enjoy the small wonders in these hectic holidays weeks.


  1. Looks great Holly!
    everything is so festive and do such a wonderful job making things beautiful!

  2. Lovely decor!

  3. Everything looks so nice, Holly. Love those pillows. And your tree skirt is so unique. I've been looking for just the right tree skirt, and haven't found one yet. That VW bus is too cute, love that, and kind of looks like a surfer bus with the rack on top. And your tree is soooo pretty even without the ornaments. I'm going to check out Michaels when I get a chance. :)

    love, ~Sheri

  4. I love your attitude about Christmas... you have the real Christmas Spirit.

  5. I love your attitude about Christmas... you have the real Christmas Spirit.

  6. Holly, I saw this little V.W. bus at Ross over the weekend and wanted to get it, but it was around $18.00, so didn't. It's too cute.

    Have a great week.




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