Sunday, December 6, 2015

Up The Hill We Go

It's Christmas Tree time! Taking a trip up to Apple Hill, Camino, C.A. to cut down a tree was the order of the day. and as the saying goes the best laid plans don't always go that way. Randomness ensued that day.

 If you spy the "Forest Hill Bridge" on your way to Apple Hill you then realize you were supposed to
 take interstate 50 not 80 from Sacramento. Little bit of California Gold for ya this is the tallest bridge in California. So we took the scenic route.

 Coloma had a cute historic town with an awesome camping resort filled with cabins and tepees. Past this was also the Marshall Gold Discovery State Park. and if we were not already on mission to another destination we would of got out and explored.

 What a long scenic drive but we finally made it!  High Hill Ranch  #1 was where we spent most of our day. We perused the arts and crafts booths, photo oped with props. Pony rides were near the beautiful pond were you can fish if you wish. Dogs are allowed at this ranch, but we left Chico at home. After enjoying the scenery it was time to get warmed up and have treats. 

 Woodsong Herbs intoxicating aromas invite you to take a look at all they have to offer. The lavender sachets pulled me in. I purchased a few goods here that will be at the end of the post. I'm a small business supporter today, and it feels great.

 Besides being works of art these soaps smelled so good, we took a while sniffing most of them. I got excited with these booths and am inspired to do my own homespun goods. The atmosphere and down to earth vibe has me wanting to move to Placerville.

 After pleasing our sense of smell it was time to taste! The Fudge Factory Farm # 40 was the next stop. We had hot chocolate and a treat in mind. So many choices. I love the fact that my son photobombed us.

 Fudge is the name of the game here. It was pretty busy so we had to look and move along unless we were ordering. The staff was friendly, shout out to the young man that assisted me, you rock kid! We walked out with hot coco's, chocolate milk, and this caramel apple. Next order of business was to cut down a Christmas tree as promised. And that turned into a dilemma.

 I spotted this bug on the walk up to the Christmas Tree farm and had to shoot it. This was just too perfect for my hippie heart. Once we walked further we realized a big Closed sign. This being Apple Hill with many tree farms I was disappointed that all but three were still open for the season. And at a start off rate of 76.00 dollars for a tree forget about it! Our day at Apple Hill ended and back down the Hill we went.

 At the end of the day we ended up getting a tree. Foodmaxx grocery store had the perfect tree sitting right in front when we pulled up. A 6-7 foot Noble Fir for $38.00 score! Our tree smells so good. Time to pull out the lights and ornaments.

Here's the gifts we purchased for our home from our trip. this adventure was a little crazy but was well worth the day spent out in nature with the family. I hope family togetherness is part of your upcoming week. The closer it gets to Christmas the more hectic it gets at Casa Sol Y Luna ( well for me that is).


  1. Holly, you got your tree at Apple Hill!! I haven't been there this Autumn and have been longing to go. Yes, isn't Placerville the best? It's my favorite city in northern California. You found the perfect tree, and the little bug you saw at the Christmas tree farm is cute. I am familiar with all the places you mentioned today, and I even did a post one time about the Forest Hill Bridge. It is amazing. It sounds like your family had a great time. That fudge looks yummy.

    love, ~Sheri

  2. you are so gorgeous Holly!
    your whole family is!
    glad you had some fun going out to find your tree...38 dollars for such a huge tree is a steal.
    love all the treasures you scored too:)

  3. The caramel apple looks delicious, and what a pretty tree!

  4. There is something extremely magical about family trips. Love the pictures. Love the bug. Want the apple! ♥



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