Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Was....

Well hello Monday I am thoroughly exhausted, I think after this post it's nap time. So Christmas was...

Christmas Eve:  My Abuela's  house and then on to my Mother in laws

Christmas Day: Our house in the morning then off to my Dad's

Christmas Day After: My house with my Mom

Sunday: In bed watching movies most of the day

I hope your holidays were Merry & Bright!


  1. What a cute picture of the kids. It sounds like you had a busy and wonderful time at Christmas, just as we did. And now I'm resting, like you. :) I really like your son's red plaid pants. They look so comfy - where did you find those?

    love, ~Sheri

  2. The holiday can be quite exhausting, indeed. We haven't been as wild as you and yours. We went to a show or two, watch Star Wars, and had yummy family time.

    Love all the red in this picture, by the way. ♥

  3. Wonderful photo of your kids and puppy!



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