Thursday, December 24, 2015

From The Land of Sweets

" I thought maybe
 we could make gingerbread houses
 and eat cookie dough...." 
~ ELF ~


 From All of Us at Casa Sol Y Luna


  1. Now I want to "make gingerbread houses and each cookie dough". Sooo yummy looking!

    Continue to delight in the sweetness of the Holiday Season. ;-)

  2. Holly, I tried to comment on your post when I was at Jess' for Christmas, but it didn't go through. Gingerbread houses! Your kids must have had a blast making these. They look Yummy. And this Elf quote makes me smile. Elf is Jess' favorite Christmas movie. I think I watched it a dozen times this season. :)

    Wishing you much peace and joy in the new year, Holly.

    love, ~Sheri



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