Friday, January 1, 2016

My Word For 2016

I"m sitting here in my living room reflecting over the past year and counting down the hours till the New Year. I finally arrived to my Word for 2016 ..... Transcend! May 2016 bring about resurgence out of the chrysalis with fresh wings ready for flight.

Photo Credit : Full Christmas Moon 2015  by Holly 


  1. Transcendence is a delicious state of being; we should all strive to get there, methinks. Your wishes for the year to come can dance perfectly with my own, so we shall see each other in life's ballroom, as we step-step-step towards what we like.

    I'm wishing you and yours the best New Year ever!

  2. What a cool picture of the moon. Limitless love.....sounds so nice.

    Happy New Year, Holly!

    love, ~Sheri

  3. That's a good word and one I am certainly working toward! Happy New Year!

  4. Happy 2016 Holly! You were lucky to see the full moon, it was cloudy here, but there was a special moon shine early in the morning to welcome the new day.

  5. Wishing you a fabulous 2016! Happy New Year!

  6. Wonderful pic of Luna...Love the pics of the bluebird too...I can;t wait to get my camera....Love your blog...Happy New Year to you as well... :)



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