Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Crossbones Inn Welcomes You { H.H }

Casa Sol y Luna has been buzzing with excitement as each new decoration, monster, and things that go bump in the night are put into place. The clock is ticking and the numbers fly off the calender as Halloween creeps upon us. When it comes to decorating for Halloween I usually have the inside of the house and front porch done but this year {M} is having a Halloween bash for his 5th birthday so the back yard has been transformed.  We have snuck in some time to enjoy two new spooky releases. 

Welcome ...... we hope you enjoy your stay.

A humble hallow bed and breakfast awaits your weary bones, come sit for a spell..or two.
While your here please enjoy the  amenities our lifetime staff provides. Oh dearies your not afraid to step outside are you?

                   Hmm..I wonder what's for lunch?                  Care to toss in a coin and make a wish?

 All fresh ingredients for our meals are grown in "The Witches Magic Garden"

 Spiderella spins the finest silk linens, and keeps the bugs at bay in the garden.

 Some of our visitors have had an extended stay. With Dia de los Muertos around the corner the nightlife is jumping.

Beware extra studious guest our help might want to pick your brains.

 If you happen to have an emergency we have a resident doctor on site.

 Oh wait please don't run off, you look famished and haven't had a bite yet!

Just try and escape past my  Guardian Werewolf.

 I hope you enjoyed the tour of our hallowed digs. Rainbows in photos courtesy of the prismatic protective bubble I have over our space...One more Haunted Humpday to go till Halloween. Thanks again to the Haunted Humpday Queen Marfi.


  1. Oh that's so nice I wish we celebrated Halloween here. I mean, I do, but all by myself!!

  2. Thanks so much for the tour. I think I'll grab a cup of something ward (and not red) and go have a sit in the graveyard.

    *sighs with yard-envy*

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Holly, your front and back yard looks festive and fun for your son's Halloween bash. Me and my grown kids just saw Hotel Transylvania 2 last weekend. Love those pumpkins on your front porch........and the rainbow effects. It was great seeing bits of your home decked out for Halloween.


  5. This..this makes me so happy:)
    what a wonderful post Holly!
    omg,everything looks incredibly awesome!!!!
    ..I had a weird week last week and wasn't able to post...
    Thanks for sharing this..hope the Halloween Birthday bash for your little boy is amazing!

  6. I can't watch the videos with my crappy internet-on-a-stick, but I LOVE seeing you guys go all out for Halloween in the yard! I can imagine the neighborhood kids love coming by too.



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