Saturday, October 17, 2015

Witches In Fiction 2015 ~ Death Rites & Remembrances

~ Eternal Flame ~

From darkness to light and light to dark
Candles are lite by a tear streaked spark

The path to the next is full of illumination
Where we once came from  the source of creation

Time here on earth shall pass but you will not
The heart holds your remembrance forever in that flight of a thought

Grasp tight to the moments as they seem so fast to flee
Eternally held sacred is your memory

Special thanks to Magaly for hosting Witches In Fiction 2015.


  1. This was beautiful and the picture breathtaking!

  2. I agree with greekwitch; what a wonderful photo and altar.

  3. Beautiful tribute in words and picture

  4. Love your altar! Your words were a great pairing to the picture. And, you are so very right, the moments fly by fast!!

  5. I do belive a home is not compete without an altar space to remember those we love. BLessed Be XXX

  6. Beautiful, heartwarming and so very relatable. Your fifth line put the biggest of smiles on my face. ;-D

    Thanks so much for adding to Witches in Fiction 2015! ♥

  7. Your words and altar are just lovely! Sad but also uplifting!

  8. Beautiful tribute & while reading realised candles & tears (fire & water) are often part of tributes to those we miss dearly xox



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