Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Insane In The Membrane { H.H }

The time has come that my darling daughters no longer wish to be cute or sweet things for Halloween. Oh {L} does look so innocent in her lovely dress but wait is that an ax? Something sinister must be going on in the mind of young Lizzie Borden.

I acquired my last costume accessory for only $3.00 this weekend." Oh I look super fly", no really I feel like a fly with these ginormous Joplin glasses.

{E} was testing out her make-up skills for yet another Zombie. Her shirt says "Zombies eat Brains, don't worry you'er safe." I bought fake spray blood to gore up the costumes. A shame to mess up the lace dress , but we got to do it!

In a little more than a week Magaly's Witches In Fiction event will commence. I hope you stop back by to see what I have in store, and visit the other participants as well.

Happy Haunted Humpday filled with extra spice for the weeks to come.


  1. "...He's insane, got no brain!" Thanks for that flash from the past :)

    Of course, Janis Joplin, duh. I can't wait to see you all decked out!

    Your daughter's Borden is perfect. Now I want to be Lizzie Borden for Halloween!

  2. Hi Holly,
    her dress is awesome.
    Oh! those glasses, omg...only three dollars?...what a great price!
    your beautiful daughters look just like you.
    that 'brains' t shirt is too funny.
    Oh, if you make that cake you mentioned I hope you post about it, I'd love to see it!!!
    I once made a bundt cake pumpkin was so was a devil pumpkin with ice cream cone horns..i miss those oldest was my little helper, does it fly by!
    Happy Haunted Humpday!
    THANKS for stopping over.

  3. I wish the could just want to do sweet things, but my boys went through that transition. Boo! Happy Halloween!

  4. Oh Yes, there comes a day when our girls no longer want to dress up in sweet costumes for Halloween. It comes back though (20's and 30's), and they'll surprise you and be something sweet or funny later on. : ) You look like a doll in this picture, Holly. You are very photogenic.

    Have fun doing all the spooky things for Halloween.

    love, ~Sheri

  5. One must love a couple of girls who can appreciate the creepier things in life... and afterlife, lol! Wonderful costumes, all of you!

    1. And thanks sooo much for spreading the word about Witches in Fiction! ♥



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