Sunday, October 4, 2015

Flower In The Sun Farewell Song

Maybe Summertime with  Silver Threads & Golden Needles got a little Down On Me
gave me the Cozmic Blues

Time seemed to Work Me,Lord with Trouble In Mind
 Your The Only One Who Really Knows
 All Is Loneliness

 Walk Right In and Raise Your Hand 
 take a Piece Of My Heart
 I'm So Sad To Be Alone

What Good Can Drinking Do
 I'm drowning in My Own Tears
  Buried Alive In The Blue

Bye, Bye Baby
Bye Bye

In Loving Memory of Janis Joplin
45 Years of Pearl in the Sky


  1. I really liked some of Janis Joplin's songs. She had a unique voice, and her songs spoke to many people. That looks like San Francisco in the background.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes for Jess today, Holly.

    love, ~Sheri

  2. "Buried Alive In The Blue". This line hits deep places. When grief takes a soul, the one who carries it around knows what it is to miss... to feel cold, small, and alone even when the sun is shining bright in a blue sky and there are people everywhere.



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