Friday, July 24, 2015

Interval Yoga 30 Day Challenge Halfway Point

So today is lucky 13 in the interval yoga challenge, almost half way. Have to admit this week has been mentally and physically tough. I've only done 3 days out of the week so far. When I have those days when I  feel I can't or don't want to do, I just don't. Listen to your body and mind, but get out of your head. My mind's been going none stop this week and I just need to slow down and tell it to shut up, and if I can reach that point the silence is oh so soothing. In the past when I had weeks like this one I used to reach for alcohol to calm my nerves and numb out. Just what I needed right, filling my body with toxicity, drowning my power and mentality to heal myself and just deal with sh*t. Proud to say I'm really close to celebrating 7 months of sobriety. Yoga and meditation has indeed helped me stay on the path of recovery

                                                 INTERVAL                       *                           YOGA
                                 an intervening of time & space                 a spiritual, physical and mental practice

A moment of introspect after doing the Slow Gypsy Workout. Take time to pause & reflect.
Namaste and best wishes for a beautiful weekend.

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